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 Lasko Tower Heater: My favourite appliance

I am totally in love with this space heater. Believe me, if a heater can keep this chilly person warm, then it will keep everyone cozy. I’m convinced that no-one in the world feels the cold the way I do and yet with this wonderful heater, I’m toasty.

Until yesterday, we had no heating in our home at all. You see, we live in Florida and 99.9% of the time, we are beautifully warm thanks to the weather. But we all know what the weather is upto these days.

Or rather, we don’t – because it’s really gone crazy, hasn’t it?

When we’ve had the occasional cooler spell in the past, it’s only been for a couple of days and  wearing warmer clothing usually does the trick.

But in recent weeks, it’s just been getting colder and colder. When it gets to the stage where I can’t type because my fingers are too cold to work, then it’s time for drastic action.

This heater is simply perfect

To begin with, it does its job brilliantly. It arrived fully assembled so within seconds, we had it plugged in and warming our apartment. What’s fabulous is that it oscillates. This means that it does a great job of distributing the lovely warm air throughout the entire room.

Our apartment has no insulation – it was built in 1949 – and has lots of drafty windows. Because we’re in Florida,our home was especially designed to keep cool – we get no direct sun. Most of the time, that’s perfect.

But despite the ill-fitting windows and the large expanses of glass in the apartment, this little heater warms the place up in no time.

And it is little. It stands only about twenty inches high and the base is only six inches square. So if you have a small apartment or room, it takes up almost no space at all.

I know that it looks huge in the photograph but I made it that way on purpose so that you can see how stylish it is. Because we’re both designers we are very particular about the way our appliances look.

The simple controls include a thermostat-thingy so you can tell the lovely little heater what temperature you want to room to maintain. When the room reaches that temperature, it shuts off and when the temperature dips lower that the one you’ve set, it kicks in again. Yep, a true set-it-and-forget-it system.

The outer casing doesn’t get hot at all – not even warm – so it’s easy (and lightweight) to pick up and carry into another room. One reviewer at Amazon said ‘where’s the handle?’ not realising that there an inset at the top of the tower that fits your hand perfectly so that you can easily move the heater.

And because it has such a tiny footprint, I put it on the cistern part of the toilet this morning when I was in the shower -our bathroom has never been so cosy. It even comes complete with a remote control, again this is tiny, so you can adjust the temperature from your armchair if you’re really lazy. (Although it is handy to turn it on from your bed in the morning).

Amazing value for money

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that an appliance with so much going for it would be expensive. Totally wrong. Because we so rarely need a space heater (in normal Florida weather that is) we wanted one that was great value for money. In a normal year, if there will ever be normal weather again, we would only use it for two or three days – a week tops.

So we told ourselves that it must be under fifty dollars. Actually, at time of writing, it’s available online for less than forty dollars. Truly incredible for so many features and superb heating power.

This morning I looked at to see what was in store for us. At the time, the temperature was in the forties. Not too cold if you have heating in your home. But tonight. it’s going to be in the thirties. When you live in a drafty apartment with no heating, that’s no fun at all.

But now I have my lovely Lasko, my attitude is ‘bring it on’

The Lasko gets great reviews at Amazon and you can also place your order there. You’ll love it. Read the reviews




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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