Last Meals: Death Row

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Last Meals: Death Row

woman in jailHow differently do men and women eat? Maybe a food psychologist could tell us,or even a restaurateur, but evidently the difference are plain even on death row.

It’s customary for people who are about to be executed to have whatever they wish for their final meal and,it seems, jails are pretty good when it comes to satisfying their choices. But what surprises me is:

Even on death row, women eat salads

I’m astounded.I’m not sure what I’d choose for my last meal – and hopefully I’ll never find myself on death row anyway as long as himself behaves –  but I’m pretty sure that salad wouldn’t be on top of the list. How about you?

It’s not something I’ve often thought about,I have to admit, but would I really want my favourite food? (If I did, it would be a proper Indian curry with three chapattis and a whole bag – no, two – of onion bhajis).

It would only bother me to think’oh dear, this is the last time I’ll enjoy this’.

On the other hand, I don’t want to think ‘well, I won’t have to eat this rubbish again’. I’m definitely an optimist who tends to look on the bright side, but knowing that I’ll never have to eat broccoli again – ever, ever – would really be no consolation.

So why do women tend to request salads and fresh fruit? Are they still concerned about their figures even when they know they won’t have one tomorrow?

They do though, enjoy desserts. The most popular dessert is cherry-something. Cherry pie, cherry flavoured ice cream … you name it, they loved their cherries.

Of course, the world of the condemned cell is a mystery to us all. (Had you been incarcerated in one, there’s a strong likelihood that you won’t be reading this). Therefore, the book you see here is incredibly popular (and look – there are cherries pictured on the cover!)

Don’t think that this is just  list of meals though. The book is full of all sorts of fascinating chunks of trivia and information.

The book is available from Amazon – be sure to read the reviews.





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Author: Jackie Jackson

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