Laugh and Learn Puppy from Fisher Price

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Dance, Sing, and Learn with This Adorable Pup 

I recently bought one of these adorable puppies for a baby gift. When I first saw it I thought he was the cutest little fellow. It comes in a few different colors, and responds when a paw is pressed.

What surprised me was the singing and talking that comes from the little dog. This guy doesn’t just say things like “I love you,” but goes on to sing the ABC’s, patty-cake, and other songs. Very fun for young children, and instructional at the same time.

An Educational Toy that Rocks!  

As a matter of fact, the three year old is having more fun with it than the baby so far. She sings and dances with it. Somehow you have to dance when you hear it sing. It has twenty five songs and/or phrases for your child to learn from and enjoy. The words are designed to get the child doing what the dog is doing, like clapping, or singing. It will even wiggle it’s cute booty.

It does take 6 AA batteries. They are included with the toy, so you’ll be all set at first, but you’ll want to keep an extra set on hand. The batteries seem to last a long time though. It’s soft enough that the little girl playing with it now takes it to bed, into her playhouse, and elsewhere.

Because of the inner workings on the dog, he isn’t as squishy soft as some toys, but his actions surely make up for that. His ears even move up and down. When you hear it sing “If you’re happy and you know it….” see if you can resist singing along.

I love the variety of choices that are available too. You can get the little sis version, different colors, and even a riding version that I think looks like a blast for a little one.

Once again Fisher Price has created a great, fun and educational toy for kids! Yours will love it.

What Does the Laugh and Learn Puppy Say?

Here are some of the games, phrases, and songs it includes. Excellent little ways for your baby to begin to learn colors, letters and number, with songs and laughter.

  • Counting
  • ABC’s
  • Body parts
  • Colors
  • Pat a cake
  • Itsy bitsy spider
  • This little puppy went to market

You might hear it say

  • I love you
  • You’re my friend
  • Hug Me
  • Peek a Boo

It Giggles!

It is clearly a very popular toy selection for kids with over 2000 ratings, nearly 1100 reviews. The Laugh and Learn Puppy has 4.5 out of 5 star Rating. After all, it is Fisher Price.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price has been making durable toys since 1930.  The company was founded with the goal of giving kids a good start, a chance to exercise their imaginations.  Today their toys still provide kids the opportunity to learn, play and imagine all at once.  They have maintained a reputation for durable toys, safe toys, many of which teach as well as play.  The very popular Little People, have been in households for decades, whether accompanied by a gas state, a farm, a school or other favorites.

Stride to Ride Puppy, Laugh and Learn Style

I bet every baby would love this guy. He’s got wheels, so your child can ride him–great when first learning to walk. You can feed him blocks-yep, his jaw moves. He has 50 songs and phrases to add to the fun. If you want a more active version of the Laugh and Learn Pup, this is sure to be a hit. Imagine how fun for a little one to scamper around on this guy while singing and listening to songs and games.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Sister

Here’s a smaller ”Little Sister” version that contains 40 songs and phrases. Great for learning too. It’s paws speak when touched. The heart lights up. Sing along to “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” and watch as your child learns. It seems you can count on Fisher Price to make a durable, lovable toy that is educational too.


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  1. I have loved Fisher Price toys since my 40+ son was a wee thing! As a dog lover, this puppy would be a winner!

    • I know, Ruth! Weren’t they fun for the kids? All the little people, so many different things! Great company. Thanks for your comments. Give Valentino a hug for me.

  2. sounds like a great toy for the little ones, I’ll have to remember this one

    • I can see grandchildren in your future, Barbara! It is a fun toy. Thanks!

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