The Incredible Luci Solar Powered Lights

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We love Luci! The inflatable, waterproof solar lighting system.

The internet is a-buzz – the Luci solar lights are getting great reviews everywhere. Increasingly we are all appreciating the value of using nature’s resources such as the sun to harness energy and that’s exactly what the Luci does.


You can see more details in the video below but suffice it to say that these incredible naturally-powered lights are waterproof, shatter proof, can be used indoors or out and use the bounty of nature to provide light.

They can be used:

  • In your home to create ambient mood lighting
  • In your emergency preparedness kit to give lighting during power outages
  • For outdoor entertaining and barbecues
  • By the pool (remember, they are waterproof)
  • For camping and outdoors activities
  • As warning lights – they have a flashing option
  • When you’re out walking in the dark
  • For ambient lighting for dining and dinner parties
  • Whenever you’re off the grid
  • In your RV or boat
  • As emergency lighting in your car
  • As a great gift idea
  • As a décor item for your porch or yard

I’m sure that you can think of many more uses. The Luci lights are designed to withstand extremes of temperature so if you’re freezing in Alaska or broiling in Florida, they won’t let you down.


They will charge in sunlight or even on a cloudy day. Much safer than candles, Luci lights can provide lighting in even the most difficult circumstances. Or simply use them in your home to create atmosphere. It had hundreds of great reviews at Amazon which you can read here.

The price is very reasonable too, especially when you consider that these lights use natural energy and need no batteries or external power source. I imagine that most of us keep one light on during the night when we’re asleep – maybe the landing light for bathroom trips. Using a Luci instead maybe wouldn’t make a huge difference to our electricity bills but imagine in every home in the USA did so. What a difference we would make.

It’s small steps like this that can save our planet.

See more details in this video.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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