Make a Haunted House Kleenex Box cover with Plastic Canvas and Yarn

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Haunted House made from yarn and plastic canvas.

1This Haunted House decoration is also a Kleenex box holder. When you have the Kleenex tissue box in the house and pull up a tissue, it looks like smoke coming out of the house.

You can also add a piece of white cloth and add some googly eyes to it and shape it to look like a ghost coming out of the roof for Halloween!

Haunted House Kit

2This is the Haunted House Kleenex box that I made.

It is 6″ X 6″ X 9″ tall – this kit includes acrylic yarn, a large eye needle, 7-mesh plastic canvas, a pattern for the Kleenex box house. It usually shows up after July at Mary Maxim or at Amazon.

Link for Halloween Plastic Canvas at Mary Maxim

Currently they do have a Haunted House, although it is a different one.

Spook House Tissue Box Cover Plastic Canvas Kit (Item No. 21243)3

Mary Maxim Haunted House under construction photos


The kit opened and showing contents, yarns, needle, clear and black plastic canvas and instructions.

Read all instructions and Plan in advance for a large project

Here is the photo as it looks in the instructions. I cannot add the pattern to this page as it infringes on copyright laws. I decided at the last minute, bad idea, to make the base a little bigger. Perfect example of making decisions before you start your project.


One of the side parts done with Ghost attached and shutters on the widow and bat attached.


The two sides with the peaks for the roof.

I wanted more space between the house and the fence. I had already made the fence. So to compensate, I had to cut out some small fence pieces to add to the fence to make up for the larger base. I will add a gate to it as it looks funny that it only opens to one door…


The second side with full ghost.

I already have three orders to make some more of these houses. One more Haunted House, one that looks like Christmas and one that is a plain “San Francisco Painted Lady Victorian.” I am going to be busy!


All four sides done showing from the inside, attached at three sides.

The cut outs are so tiny for the small ghost and the bats! They were the hardest to do next to the fences. You need good lighting and of course the best sharp scissors I use are small Fiskars scissors with the comfort grip!


All four sides attached.


Peak side with three windows.


The four chimney pieces.


The two roof pieces done


Roof with gingerbread trim


Chimney done and attached to roof. This is where the Kleenex comes out!


House with roof before the base and fence added.


House with roof – full ghost – before the base and fence added.

Close ups of the details of the Haunted House


Large ghost.

Where do I start with a large project

When a kit this large with many parts you can start several places. Since there are a number of small items such as the ghosts and bats that have to be sewn separately, they can be worked on any time. After one of the walls is done you can sew them onto the wall.

The chimney is a separate item that also can be worked on and then added to the two roof parts later. I found that the edges of the chimney looked better unworked as I mention below about the gingerbread trim.


Spider web and spider freehand.

The gingerbread trim on the roof is worked on separately then attached to the roof after the two roof pieces are joined.

I found that the gingerbread trim looked better when it was not worked on at the edges and only the three stitches for the points. When you attach the gingerbread you do not work that edge anyway. I found it easier that way not to do any edges.

The roof with the chimney is assemble and added to the four walls of the house later.



Detail of the small bat.

The fence pieces are worked separately as well and can be worked on any time. I did NOT work the edges of the fences top.

Again it looks better without stitches. No need to work the sides as they will join with the other fences.

The base can be worked on as you add the fence after you finish the fence pieces.

Once all the walls are done and you have added the embellishments such as the spider webs, you can join the four walls.


Gingerbread trim on side of roof.


The double window with shutters.


The single window up close.


Peak area of the gingerbread on roof.


Detail of corner of the gingerbread.


Full side of the chimney.


Detail of the side of the chimney.

There is a free pattern for a Haunted House at Pinterest along with quite a few other Halloween Plastic Canvas Patterns at my Pinterest Board.  Go to my Halloween Board at Pinterest and scroll down through and you will see the pins for the Halloween House.

There are a few of them, the big one is at this pin.

Smaller easier 2 page Spook House Design pattern for Coasters or and Napkin holder.



Sherry Atbutterfly enjoys crafting with Plastic Canvas and yarn to make all kinds of decorations and fun items for the home. Many of her craft articles feature detailed tutorials and lengthy instructions. This is what she loves to do, She is a teacher. She is also involved with Early American History, Family History and genealogy. Sherry is legally blind.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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