The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed

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The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Jay Margolis & Richard Buskin.

marilynI wondered – did we really need another book of theories regarding the death of Marilyn Monroe? Ever since her death in 1962, the official story – that she died by her own hand – has been questioned.

Some books have said that her death was due to an accidental overdose and other theories are more sinister – that she was murdered.

Invariably those who theorise that her death was down to foul play say that the Kennedy brothers, the president JFK and his brother Robert, were involved.

So does this book tell us anything new? I didn’t expect that it would but in fact, it’s a truly fascinating account of what happened – or what could have happened –  on that night. There are some truly startling revelations


If you’ve read about the death of Marilyn Monroe,you’ll know that there were several factors that were never truly explained.


The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed

  • There was no residue of pills in her stomach
  • Robert Kennedy had been seen in the area by several witnesses
  • Some people claim to have spoken to Marilyn that evening and finding her sober and cheerful; others say she was depressed and slurring her words
  • There were unexplained needle marks on her body
  • The body was face down when found but the way that the blood had settled showed that she was on her back when she died
  • Her phone records of her last few days were ‘lost’

There are many, many more. All these are explained in the book.

New evidence

The book hinges on evidence from ambulance personnel who were called to the Monroe home. It also claims that information is now available that was suppressed before because witnesses had been bribed – paid well to keep their mouths firmly shut. The authors also have a wealth of information and statements that have not appeared in print before.

The theory

The theory that the authors put forward seems to be perfectly believable and is well backed up with data – photographs and statements. The book claims that Marilyn Monroe was killed by the person she trusted the most at the instigation of others. The murderer himself was the victim of blackmail.

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  1. I’ve never believed that she was a suicide or an accidental overdoes. I’ve always felt she was murdered, because she knew far too much about too many public and governmental figures, and they were afraid she would spill it. I will read this book and see if he comes to the same conclusion that I did. Thanks for sharing. I loved this lady, she was beautiful inside and out.

    • She was very special, wasn’t she, Nancy? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book. The evidence put forward is very believable.

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