Metrokane Lever Corkscrew: My Kitchen Essential

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The easiest & most stylish way to open a bottle of wine.

11843642_f260If you know me, or are familiar with my articles and recipes, then it will come as no surprise to you that the most essential item in my kitchen is my corkscrew. But not just any old corkscrew. Oh no. This is special.

This is known as the Metrokane Rabbit

Before we decided to buy this, we relied on the traditional-style corkscrew – the type that wine waiters use – but neither of us have sommelier skills. I mangled corks badly – I have been known to attack the more recalcitrant ones with a kitchen knife.

This then requires the tea strainer (bizarre, I know) to get the bits of cork out of the wine. (Or paper coffee filters will work too if the tea strainer has gone AWOL).

That’s not terribly sophisticated, really

I mean, it’s OK when it’s just me and himself drinking supermarket plonk (or so I thought) but when we’ve got people round, that’s a different matter. And one evening, when I’d badly mangled a cork and we were spitting out fragments of it each time we took a sip, he said ‘that’s it, I’ve had enough. Let’s get a proper corkscrew that you can work properly’. (Me, note. Not him, oh no.)

Using the Rabbit

It’s astonishingly simple (even for him). As you can see in the photograph above, I simply pull up the lever, place the whole device over the top of the bottle, perform one more lever jiggery-pokery and there I am, ready to pour my first glass. Anything that lowers the time between getting the bottle from the wine rack and my first sip is an excellent plan.

Daily use

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that we are drunkards or anything like that … hmm … but in fairness, I have to tell you that our ‘magic corkscrew’ is used every single day. (There’s nothing wrong with wine to accompany dinner, after all). It’s stood up to the pressure well, it opens a bottle of wine in less than three seconds and it looks suitably stylish in my kitchen. You can see why it’s my ideal (and essential) kitchen gadget.

See the proof. Expert wine bottle opener versus her granny

In this video, who will win? An experienced wine-opener using the traditional-style corkscrew or will her grandmother who only occasionally drinks wine wine be quicker using the Rabbit?

(Note: I’m a lot quicker than granny! But then, I’m experienced in opening wine, as we all know.)

It really does demonstrate how very easy this corkscrew is to use.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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