Mexican Jewellery from Guillermo Arregui

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Stylish,original jewellery from Mexico.

Mexican jewellery giftsGuillermo Arregui creates the most wonderful jewellery in his Mexican silversmith workshop. The necklace you see on the right is a lovely example.

There are more further down the page and you’ll see that  Guillermo combines traditional method sand design but brings them completely up to date.

He takes much of his inspiration from nature, from the natural stones that are available in Mexico – and from his extensive travels. Guillermo left his home in Spain when he was just sixteen years old to travel throughout Europe.

He supported himself, taking odd jobs whenever he could find them, and often slept under the stars. It’s no wonder that he uses the natural world for the inspiration for many of his exquisite pieces.

During his travels he met and married an Italian girl and they moved to Mexico where, luckily for those of is who love original, one-off jewellery, a local silversmith took him under his wing and taught him his craft. Check out the website that’s linked below and read the reviews from people who have bought and love his jewellery. All his pieces are make by hand using locally sourced materials.

See the jewellery available here.








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