Mike Candys Magic Formula

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Mike Candys Magic Formula.

Mike Candys, or Michael Kull, was born in 1981 in Switzerland.
The reason I’ve chosen to write about him is because he is very, very good at what he does. He is in the DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs in Europe.

Mike Candys has been actively making music since 1998 when he was just 17 years old, and he became popular in Europe in 2008 thanks to his track ‘La Serenissima’.

He became a very successful record producer before he shot to fame as a DJ and he has a classical background and plays the piano.

He is an electronic dance music producer and pop dance DJ. He doesn’t sing in his tracks but he does get other artists involved in his music making and he has featured many singers over the years. For example, he collaborated with Jack Holiday and together they produced a remix of ‘Insomnia’ by ‘Faithless’. In 2011 he released a song called ‘One Night In Ibiza’ and that featured Evelyn.

In 2012 he wrote ‘If The World Would End’ and it is his most successful song of all.

His songs follow the same magic formula. They sound very similar to each other. I’m not saying it is not good; I think its very good music. But it is noticeable that his songs are very similar in style and in the way they are put together. It is certainly a winning formula as Mike Candys has received 2 platinum awards and 5 gold records over the years.

Recently he has changed his sound a bit and gone into more mainstream EDM music.

He remixes tracks, which means that he takes other people’s songs and changes them to make them his own, and by adding a bit of his magic formula to them, he has managed to transform many different artists’ work and will continue to do so.

One of the things that make him stand out in his live shows is the yellow smiley face ball that he wears on his head. He dances and works while he wears it. He also wears laser gloves and he fills the dance floor with smoke so that the lasers shine out into the crowd and everyone goes bananas!

Here’s an example of him doing this in this video:

Click on the cover to buy a copy of his CD called ‘Smile’

Click on the cover for the MP3 of Insomnia:




Fabio is a musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born in London in 2000 and has been playing the guitar and cello since he was 5 years old. He likes many different styles of music. He has made 2 albums of original songs, and one of electronic music. He performs regularly around where he lives, and will soon have his own website to promote his music.


Author: Jackie Jackson

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