Monopoly: The De Luxe Edition

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Play Monopoly in style.

There’s no doubt that Monopoly is a great game. It’s been around for so many years and it’s lots of fun for all ages. But no-one could ever claim that it’s a stylish game. Most of us care deeply about the looks of the products we use in our homes and that’s why we usually keep the Monopoly box hidden away in a closet until it’s time to play.

Until now, that is. Just take a look at this little beauty.



Yes, a gorgeous Monopoly game finely crafted using burled mahogany veneers, brass fittings and gold foil-stamped faux leather. Tale a look at the houses and hotels too – they are a hundred times nicer than those awful plastic versions. See the gorgeous game pieces too.



Even the money and the cards are super-classy. Notice too that when you’d finished playing the game, all the accessories pack neatly into the two drawers that are built in to the board itself. Wouldn’t this make a fabulous gift for that person ‘who has everything’? Absolutely it would!


Forget the tatty box that you hide on top of the wardrobe. This lovely item is something you’ll be proud to display all the time. You know, your new luxury Monopoly games could become a family heirloom.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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