Mosaic earrings

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Mosaic earrings: Sophisticated but inexpensive accessories.

Make use of  simple but effective fashion trick that can make your outfits effortlessly coordinated. You’ll achieve a subtle coordination without appearing to be deliberately mixy-matchy. Professional designers will often use the colour palette from a single item when they are creating a look.

Next time you’re looking at a quality fashion magazine layout take  close look and you’ll see what I mean. You can use this trick too, easily.

Accessories are often the most important part of a fashion look or outfit. Using accessories intelligently can also save you money so stylish women have always chosen them wisely. This can include jewellery. Style is back in style and once you have created  colour palette from your favourite accessories,you’ll have a host of stylish looks available.

In this example, we are using earrings  to create a base palette. The examples you see here are all available to buy online too.

These are lovely earrings with just  slight touch of whimsy in their look. When you first glance at them, they appear to be black and white but when you take a second look you’ll see a subtle coral pink and a muted yellow/beige. Here’s the palette created from these earrings. See these earrings on Amazon.


Wear these earrings with a simple black dress. Add soft grey wrap or scarf or use the muted lilac shade. Try inexpensive coral-coloured beads or bangles – your earrings pull the whole look together.

These earrings look great when you’re wearing all-black. Because of the coral and gold tones, try a soft scarf of wrap in one of those colours. Or inexpensive coral-coloured beads or bangles.


There are some lovely’hidden’ shades in these earrings. There’s  very dark grey and  deep red that it almost burgundy. Check them out on Amazon.


An obvious jewellery choice to coordinate with these earrings would be amber bracelets or beads. They also look extremely good with faux leopard printed fabrics. Note too the deep chestnut brown – ideal for leather (or faux) shoes, belts and bags.


As we move further round the colour wheel, we discovered these lovely earrings with a wealth of subtle colours and shades. These are very fashionable colours and although the overall look is pastel, the aqua and slate shades can be used in other accessories to give a bold look and a powerful statement. View on Amazon.


The hint of violet in these earrings offers fabulous accessory potential.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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