Mosaics are a versatile art form

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Mosaics are a versatile art form.

Mosaics are pictures that are made of small pieces of pebbles, glass, stone, and more.

The art of mosaics has been around for thousands of years. Early designs were made of pebbles. Most early designs had little color. Expanding the art to include glass did not come until later, once more tools were introduced. With the introduction of more advanced tools, designs also became more intricate, and also colorful.

This art form can be found on floors, walls, and even ceilings. Mosaics have also been known to adorn masks, tables, and sculptures. It has been used by many cultures from around the world.

You can find mosaic patterns in tiles that border a garden, to portraits of people.

Making a mosaic, usually involves cut stones, glass, etc. that are first glued to a foundation, and then solder or a grout is added to help set the materials in place.

When I made my first mosaic, I glued the cut glass to a board. Once that was dried and set, any excess glue was removed from the glass. After that, I applied the grout, which also had to fully dry and set. Then the grout is rubbed off of the top, revealing the artistic design. The grout can come in a choice of colors. The finished artwork can also be coated with a finish, especially if it is for outdoor use.

Are you thinking of making a mosaic picture? Check out this video for some inspiration.

If you’re like me, and painting is more your style, then check out Four Ways to Paint a Mosaic Painting.


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