The Most Beautiful Villages & Towns of the South

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The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the Southern USA by Bonnie Ramsey

This gorgeous book features some of the finest architecture and scenery in the southern United States. It is part travel guide, part art book and part photography extravaganza.

It shows some of the finest home you’ll ever see – everyone with its own character and charm. But you’ll also see quirky cottages, old bridges, churches and other fascinating structures.

The book takes us on a virtual tour of selected towns and villages in:

  • The Carolinas
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Florida

The book is divided into subject sections, including the coast, rivers, horse country, gardens, churches and more.And if it makes you want to plan a trip to see these places for yourself (which is exactly what this book does to me) then there’s a handy travelers’ guide section in the back of the book with tons of useful information.

It’s a great way to plan a roadtrip.

The full colour photographs are simply stunning. The range of architectural styles shown just enhances what we already know about the diversity of the culture of the United States. Some many of the properties shown are historic with some fascinating stories behind them.

You’ll also see commercial buildings too – such as those shown in the book in Eufaula,Alabama – there’s the Reeves Peanut Company building and a quaint and curious village jail that was built in 1882.

See the small schoolhouse that was built in the grounds of a grand home for the family’s children and learn how it was used as a sewing house where women gathered during the Civil War to create confederate uniforms. Every page has its own intriguing story.

There is so much history to be told in the stories of these old buildings.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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