Mount Magazine, Arkansas: Relax On Top of the World

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When it’s summer in Arkansas and the weather is too hot to bear, it’s a perfect time to get high. High on a mountaintop, that is! And when fall arrives, you won’t find a more beautiful place to relax and enjoy the colorful autumn scenery.

On Top of the World at Mount Magazine Arkansas

At 2753 feet, Mount Magazine is the highest spot in Arkansas. Home of Mount Magazine State Park, it’s a great place to visit any time of year, to take in the amazing view or to cool down on a hot summer’s day. With the altitude, the temperature can be several degrees cooler than the hot valley below. What a relief! It’s a perfect place for camping, too. Prefer indoor comfort? Choose the gorgeous Mount Magazine lodge with its breathtaking view of the valley below, or rent a fully-equipped cabin.

Don’t rule out spring or even winter for a visit. You’ll love Mount Magazine during those seasons, too. In fact, a clear day in winter is an excellent time to visit the mountaintop. The clear view minus leaves on the trees is spectacular, while a stay in one of the private cabins or in a nice room in the lodge can be quite cozy.

Located in western Arkansas, in the Arkansas River valley, Mount Magazine is accessible from the north via Hwy 22 and the town of Paris or from the south, off Hwy 10 from Havana in Yell County, a comfortable day trip from both the Fort Smith and Little Rock areas.

If you need a getaway, no matter what the time of year, pick a weekend or even a week to visit and explore Mount Magazine State Park, one of Arkansas’ finest. Come anytime!

Visit the Official Mount Magazine State Park Website.

Enjoy the fabulous view from Mount Magazine on a card.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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