Murder at Lambswool Farm, by Sally Goldenbaum, A Review

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A Seaside Knitters Cozy Mystery

Take an enjoyable trip to Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, courtesy of Sally Goldenbaum. Many of you may have traveled there before, since Murder at Lambswool Farm is the eleventh book in the popular series. This was my first visit, but I do plan on returning.

The Seaside Knitters series is a sweet and accurate description of the series. A small town where everyone knows one another, a group of women meeting at the yarn shop to visit and knit, and occasionally solve crimes.

In this delightful cozy mystery, Ms. Goldenbaum reveals a pretty setting, from the ocean views to the quaint doctor’s office. Lovely farm hills, the lambs who will not be put up for slaughter, the close relationships among the locals.

In that peaceful, calming background, you don’t expect murder.

The Story

Our story begins with a doctor, Glenn McKenzie traveling to the East coast from his home in Arizona after his father’s death. Something his father had always wanted him to do. Why little Sea Harbor? That is a mystery in itself. With his visit we are introduced to the residents of Sea Harbor on Cape Ann.

The history of the town is long, as we see with the little medical clinic that has been in his family for several generations. Dr Alan Hamilton has seen most of the residents as patients at one time or another.

When he dies one night while attending a dinner gathering, the entire town is heartbroken. When they learn he was poisoned they are shocked. Someone in their little group may be a killer. Difficult enough to absorb. Why he was killed becomes the question.

As more and more motives are revealed, more and more suspects appear to be strong possibilities. Not something any of them want to think about in Sea Harbor. Friend, neighbor, outsider? Who and why would anyone kill the beloved doctor. Did he perhaps have secrets of his own?

The Cozy Mystery

Murder at Lambswool Farm was such an entertaining cozy mystery. As a “cozy” you will know what to expect. The reader will find a friendly book, sans bad language, explicit sex, or graphic violence. Part of the charm of the genre is the enjoyable images and the relaxing atmosphere.

They bring to life the community, making you wish you could live there as well as you read about their daily lives. The author paints the picture wonderfully, making it a gentle way to pass the time.

The book is easily a stand alone novel, which is how I read/listened to it. Still, in a series like this, you might enjoy starting from the beginning so you get to see the various relationships develop, see how the little community changes. If you prefer that, you will find it all starts in book one, Death by Cashmere. Each book in the series is available through Audible as well as Amazon, of course.

In Audible

I was pleased to listen to the book thanks for Audible Studios. Narrated by Julie McKay,
the story reads smoothly. The narrator does well with the varying voices, male and female. Anytime I can listen to a book is a treat to me. A good narrator—such as Ms. McKay—brings you into the story as though you are there with the characters. It is also a very effective way to read more. You can listen while you drive, clean, cook, exercise….so many extra opportunities during a busy day.  Listen to a sample of Murder at Lambswool Farm here.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. I throughly enjoy reading the Seaside Knitters series. Have read all but the last two, which I have purchased, but haven’t had a chance to read yet as I have been raising puppies, and there is no time….what used to be knitting or reading time, has become grooming time. I think I will take a little time off and sit down with a good story and get back to Cape Ann.

    Thank you for books, I so enjoy them.

    • I have read all pf the books in this series and love them dearly They are so welcoming and enjoyable..It is like visiting family

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