Murder of a Cranky Catnapper, by Denise Swanson

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A Scumble River Mystery, Book 19

Denise Swanson is a wonderful cozy author. Her stories are light, but provide an intriguing mystery that engages you. You’ll find plenty of clues and suspects, but in cozy fashion, you don’t find the explicit violence or sex. Still, the required tension is there within the mystery, and the author is good at showing the attraction and love between the two newlyweds while retaining a PG rating. It would be a good series for teen readers as well. It’s a pleasurable read.

From Audible

These days, part of my enjoyment of a book is listening to it.  That is where I got this book and why I love so much.  One can spend so much more time in the course of a day than with a book or ebook.

Because of that, the narrator is also important to the story.  Narrator, Christine Leto, suits the book well. The author/narrator team have been together for the entire series, giving the narrator the skills to become the characters. Give a listen to the sample here on Audible to hear for yourself.

The Story

The story itself finds Skye expecting a baby w husband and Police Chief Wally Boyd of Scumble River. Settling in to married life, working as a psychologist for the school district – and the police department.

When a school board member Is murdered in a compromising scene, Skye is called to the scene and right into the middle of the investigation. Since the board member was a controlling, unlikeable man there are many suspects. But as Wally and Skye follow the clues to narrow the field they find other motives that lead in different directions. With their own lives at risk, who will they trust?

With twists and turns, suspense mixed with a little romance and humor, it is an altogether fun story.

Scumble River Revisited

The setting of Scumble River, the enticing and usual characters make this a favorite among the cozy mysteries. Ms. Swanson does very well drawing the reader into the story and into the lives of those included in the books.

Murder of The Cranky Catnapped is book nineteen in the series, so you can see how popular she is! Having read others in the series, I can say it is easy enough to jump from book to book. Each is a stand alone. However, if you want to follow the relationships from the beginning, you may prefer to start with book one, entitled “Murder of a Small Town Honey.”

Wherever you begin, do give the series a try. It’s pure enjoyment that will leave a smile on your face.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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