Need Halloween Ideas? Here’s a Book with 101

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Craft Ideas for Any Age


Halloween ideas smGet a head start on Halloween with this terrific book. Published by Better Homes and Gardens in 2000, Halloween: 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas offers 168 pages of fun and unique ideas.

The cover alone attracted my interest. It show a pumpkin decorated with curled soldering wire. I find decorating pumpkins more fun than carving them, though that is mostly because of a lack of carving skill. I am amazed at clever designs of the experienced carvers. I like each of the decorating possibilities included in this book, and most look easy to do too besides.

You can make cauldron cupcakes, decorate jars to stuff with fun snacks, or make cookies that look like witches hats.

Have your children made their own trick or treat tote or bag? There are instructions here.

Honestly, it has so much to offer I’m in the mood to start right now. Make your own garland to decorate the house. Use the included patterns for masks, black cats, ghosts—Halloween ideas 2smwhatever, to make centerpieces or window decorations. There are unique costumes to make (would your little boy like to be an airplane this year?), and a feast you can prepare.

Many of the suggestions in Halloween: 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas can be made by or with children too. Can you see how much fun they would have stringing the garland, or decorating an apple like the photos show below? What better way to have fun with your kids than to make something that you will use to celebrate.

I’ve picked out three things to try this year. The book is inspiring.  It gets me in the mood to celebrate!

Themes for Halloween

Are you having a party this year for Halloween? Or perhaps looking for different ways to decorate?

Halloween ideas 3smWhat about a theme? Pick a favorite for the year; a black cat, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, or pick a superhero or a theme from a character popular today. Any of the ones below would be fun and easy to carry through your event. And children can play too, helping with many of the crafts. You can make place mats or centerpieces. Cut out patterns and let the kids color or decorate them.

Take a solid color tablecloth in black, orange, white, or any favorite. Sew felt designs on it. Any of the themes are easy to draw cutouts or patterns available.

Make a cake to match the shape, decorate cupcakes or cookies. Patterns are included in this book including designs to make banners in your theme design or candy corn.

Even more fun, ask your children what they can think of along the same theme. From masks to costumes, they will make it even more fun.

Two Favorites and More

Martha Stewart’s Halloween Best

Halloween won’t be complete without Martha’s ideas. She always comes up with so many different things. I used to think Martha’s ideas would be too complicated or difficult, but so many of her ideas for cooking, decorating, and party planning are easy to do and fun for children too. Every year it’s fun to see what she comes up with.

Halloween Spooktacular from Popular Matthew Mead

Matthew is a favorite of Halloween fans, always a variety of unique, new, exciting designs. Here you will find great selections of everything you will need for the big day.

You can find that and much, much more.



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