Never Cry Mercy, by L. T. Ryan

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An Unfriendly Town…Why?

Jack Noble returns once again, this time in a story that reminds me of Jack Reacher. A wandering man who ends up in an unfriendly town, only to find himself in the middle of trouble. In an exciting fast paced story, Jack Noble will need his creative and efficient skills to figure out what is happening in the small Texas town.

After four weeks exploring the country, trying to remove himself from the government position, his car has had enough. No sooner does he get to town to arrange for towing and repairs than he is warned off. Don’t mix with the people…don’t go here…mind your own business…

Not a very friendly way to greet a visitor, is it?

No one will talk to him. No one will tell him what is going on. The more he is reminded of the the more Jack wants to know why.

As the story flashes back to Jack’s childhood and back to the present, the reader is drawn into a complex plot with dark twists and unexpected connections.

Do you believe in coincidence? Serendipity? The small town provides some of each. A long ago lover who just happens to live there?

Small Town Murder

Then there is a murder. Who would the law suspect more than the stranger passing through?

I was pleased to listen to the audio version of this one, through Audible. Dennis Holland narrates, as he does for most of the series so far. He has just the right voice for the character, with all the nuances and tones. Listening to the same narrator for a series always seems to add to the connection you build. It works well for this series especially. I hope you will listen to the sample here on Audible, so you can hear for yourself.

Never Cry Mercy is the 10th book in the popular Jack Noble series. The series offers a variety of themes, since Noble has been a Marine, worked for the CIA, and a government operative. That hints at his skills that seem to get him in and out of deadly situations. The other books I have read in the series have been solid suspense thrillers than continue to make me want to read more.

If you haven’t read any of Mr. Ryan’s books, you may want to start at the beginning with Noble Beginnings. I’ve found you needn’t read them in order though. Anywhere you start, you will be pleased and intrigued.


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  1. I love series! I can know the characters and that makes them more interesting. Thanks for the review.

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