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I have been looking at walking shoes for my son who is going on a school trip. He’ll be out in the countryside doing lots of activities as well as a lot of walking and I have settled on a pair of New Balance walking shoes.

New Balance

I can recommend New Balance walking shoes because I chose them after a lot of research and I am confident you’ll be as happy with them as we are. I am impressed that they have been through a lot of research and tests. New Balance have been making shoes for many years and certainly know what they are doing. The video below shows how they are made and I was pleased to find that they are produced by experts in the UK.

You Need the Best Walking Shoes on Holiday

It may be that you are looking for a pair of sneakers or walking shoes that will be the only pair of shoes you take with you on holiday. In fact it’s smart to do that, after all who wants to carry shoes around with them!

So it is essential that they are a good shoe.

Be careful not to get sucked into hard sales, because many walking shoes on the market are bought for the brand name and fashion. This means you will be paying for the wrong thing.

What you really ought to be putting your money into is the research and the quality of the item, not just a name.

New Balance shoes are a brand, but they are a real shoe manufacturer, their shoes are not just made in China with a brand added to give it more cred. They are designed by specialists in the UK, and made by experts.

They will do a fine job. In Amazon you will see that they all score 4 stars and above. Take a minute to watch the video below.

A very interesting glimpse at how these great walking shoes are made.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

New Balance 574 Neon Review


How to Check Your Shoe

So if you want a pair of walking shoes that really support your foot you need to do three tests:

1. Hold the shoe upright on a table by the heel with the toe touching the table. Then press down and see where it folds. If it folds in half it won’t give your arch any support. So do not buy them!

2. Hold the shoe in your hands and try to twist it, wring it out as you would a towel. If you can easily twist it from the heel to the center, then it won’t give you the support you’ll need for walking or running. Don’t buy them either.

3. You shouldn’t be able to squeeze the heel at the base of the shoe, near the sole. The top part of the heel should be soft but the base should hold your heel firmly in place. If it doesn’t, forget it.

4. If you’re buying online, any of these reasons will be enough to ask for a refund!

Great walking Holidays

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