New York City – Food Capital of America

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New York City has always fascinated me.

As a small kid living on a small island in the middle of the Pacific, New York city seemed bigger than life and I dreamt of the day I would visit the iconic city. My dream finally came true when I was 21 years old. I found myself being relocated for work to Philadelphia so after I getting settled, I took a weekend trip to New York. I still remember my first sight of the New York City skyline-I was beyond excited!

There were so many experiences that I consider highlights on this first trip to the Big Apple that it’s hard to just choose a few. Seeing my first Broadway show, taking a bit of my first authentic bagel and seeing New York from the top of the Empire State Building were some of the top experiences on my list. But there are so many things about New York that I love. The architecture that range from the awe-inspiring Chrysler Building to the charming brownstone apartments captivated me. The world-class museums and art galleries that would take me an entire lifetime to see. And the various ethnic neighborhoods that would entice me to enter and discover a whole new world of tastes and flavors.

The Food Capital of the World

OK, that may be giving them too much credit but it’s not too far from the truth. Still New York has a lot to offer especially if you are a serious foodie. If you’re looking for the most authentic bagels or the perfect slice of New York style pizza, you won’t find it anywhere else. Top off your meal with the best New York cheesecake in the world. It was also where I fell in love with the pastrami sandwich and had one of the best Korean food I’ve ever tasted. And I haven’t even gotten to Chinatown or Little Italy yet!

Arthur Schwartz’s New York City Food

New York

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A couple of years ago, I had a good friend visiting from Hawaii to for a few weeks so I asked him to get me a copy of Arthur Schwartz’s New York City Food. I knew it was my kind of book-includes lots of pictures, historical facts and origins of iconic New York food and recipes that replicate these dishes. As I flipped through the first few pages, I was immediately surprised at the amount of information as well as the plethora of delicious recipes includes in each chapter.

In fact there are 160 recipes to be exact. Some of my favorites include Manhattan Clam Chowder, Lee Lum’s Lemon Chicken and Chicken Divan, a casserole dish of the 1950’s. Dessert includes such tempting delights such as the famous Junior’s Cheesecake, Black and Whites and Lindy’s famous Strawberry Shortcake.

Learn about New York’s gastronomic beginnings and trends as well as about the people, stores, restaurants, bakeries and events that make New York one of the dining capitals of the world. The stories of different immigrant group’s challenges and contributions to the culinary scene is informative and interesting. And even if you don’t cook, tidbits such as how the Porterhouse got its name and why chicken and waffles became famous will keep your wanting to know more.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to New York food, there really is no competition. Well-researched and written by the authority of eating in New York City, New York City Food is an essential for any serious foodie. Every time I open the book, I have a sudden desire to hop on a plane and although I can’t always do that, it’s comforting to know I can replicate some of New York favorites at home.

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