November New Releases for Mystery Suspense

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Connelly, Crais, and Cussler, Just to Start…

It’s already time for the new Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers that will be released in November of 2015. The months go so quickly.  Exciting for readers, but still starting to think 2015 is nearing year end.

This month features some wonderful authors.  Every month does actually, doesn’t it?  It’s nice the publishers or authors spread them out so we always have excellent books to watch for.

Besides three favorites here, Robert Crais, Nora Roberts, and David Baldacci, you will find new books from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Allison Brennan, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich and more.

Lots of new cozy mysteries will be released too.  You can see a more complete list, as usual, here on Mystery Suspense Reviews.

The three here below will be my first choices. Which are yours?

Robert Crais’ and “The Promise”

This month comes one I have personally been awaiting for over a year.  That would be the new novel from Robert Crais.  When I first read Suspect by Mr. Crais in mid 2014, I loved it.  Featuring injured policeman, Scott, and equally damaged war dog, Maggie, I became an instant fan.

It was the very first book I’d read by the author, but immediately after finishing that book, I looked for more, discovering the amazing Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series.  The  two private detectives have provided hours of pleasure.  I chose the audio versions of the whole series, and happily admit I’ve re-listened to them too.

The characters in both series have been friends.  Of course, anyone would want to keep up with how their friends are doing.

Which brings us to the newest book, releasing November 7th:  The Promise.  Robert Crais fans are doubly lucky with this novel.  The Promise, considered part of the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series, will feature Scott and Maggie too.

The plot sounds excellent, but to be honest, I’d read/listen to it without knowing the book’s summary.  It is a pre-order for me that I will start listening to on November 7th.

Nora Roberts and “Star of Fortune”

Robert Crais isn’t the only one to watch for.  On November 3rd, Nora Roberts’ new “Guardians” trilogy debuts.  Star of Fortune brings together three women and three men, all drawn to the island of Corfu as a result of visions and nightmares.

The six have never met, yet know they must work together on their quest to find three stars, fallen from heaven.  Their purpose in this first book: to find the fire star.

Ms. Roberts never fails to entertain, so Star of Fortune will be another automatic pre-order for me.  Hopefully book two will follow in spring of 2016.

I see Nora Robert’s stand alone for 2016 is already available for pre-order on Amazon too. The Obsession is on the schedule for April 12, 2016.   Aren’t you glad she writes so much?

David Baldacci and “The Guilty”

Another very popular character returns on November 17th, when The Guilty, written by David Baldacci, is released.   The character, Will Robie, has been featured in three prior books.  Known as the most lethal assassin to work for the government, the previous books have been very exciting.

This time though the enemy he will face is his own past as he returns to his hometown of Cantrell Mississippi.  He escaped out of high school, not planning on going back.  Until his father is accused of murder.

In spite of his father’s attitude, he is determined to investigate for himself to find the truth.  What he finds takes him back into the past and the decisions both father and son made, decisions that could cost them everything.

Cozy, suspense, adventure, a little supernatural perhaps, romance and humor…Definitely a variety that will suit any taste this month.  I hope you will let me know your favorite.

Author: Merry Citarella

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