Elder Cats and Dogs Need Grooming Help

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Elder Cats and Dogs Need Grooming Help

My cat is OLD! But we still love him to bits. What makes it difficult for him in these, his latter years is that he isn’t quite as fastidious a groomer as he was in his earlier years. Being long haired means that he gets knots and tangles in his fur that he just can’t seem to work out by himself. We also find that he is now shedding so much more than when he was a young kitten.


Part of our Four Legged Family!

Now having said all that, it’s a good thing that we got him used to having his fur combed when he was just a kitten. So introducing him to this ritual is not traumatic for him now. As a matter of fact, he seems to enjoy it even more now, than when he was tiny.

Kismet (our cat) in his younger years would go out in our garden and inevitably come in with seeds or burrs hanging onto his fur. When he would try to groom, he would look at us when he came to a particularly nasty spot, with a look that said “help!”


 Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – 10-piece Pet Home Grooming Kit – Curved Scissor, Thinning Shear, Razor Comb Trimmer

Brushes, combs, flea rakes and more, everything that you could possibly need for grooming your dog or cat is right here. And afterwards there is even a wonderful massage glove as a treat for being so well behaved while being groomed.

Out would come our trusty rake and he would just lay back and let us have a go at getting those stubborn knotted and entangled places, free. We knew it didn’t hurt, because he always sounds like a purring engine when he gets “the treatment.”

To say this pet grooming tool is a must have, for any long haired dog or cat, is an understatement. I would never be without one for any of my pets who have a propensity for getting their fur coats knotted or mangled by nature, in any way. Get them used to the treatment when they are young and they will thank you a thousand times over, when they are old.

When your cat is nicely groomed, they feel and look better and you get more enjoyment out of petting them. When your hand is running over large mats, the feel is really kind of gross. So do yourself and your cat a favor and keep them well groomed especially when they are too old to do it for themselves.

Grooming Gloves are another way to get some of that excess fur, gone.


Petmate Furbuster 3-in-1 Cat Grooming Glove, Vibrant Plum

These gloves are another great way to get that loose fur off of your cat, they just seem to act like magnets. Your cat will sit for hours while you groom him/her with this Grooming Glove. Our cat will not get off our lap until the glove literally comes off our hand. Then he is down and gone.

Grooming time can be anytime!

gThere are many other ways to keep your cat looking and feeling great. Grooming is one of the most important parts of any animals life. When your cat is old, help them remain good looking by grooming with extra care. No one likes to go around scruffy looking and that includes your cat. Just because they are getting older, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be groomed, as a matter of fact, they probably could use grooming more often.

That doesn’t mean that you have to bring out all the brushes and combs every time. But have a grooming glove handy, so that loose fur can easily be removed, before it become great big mats of fur down his back.

Just petting him with a grooming glove, makes it easy and enjoyable for both the cat and you!




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