Omega-3 Supplements for your Dog’s Health

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Nutramax Welactin for Dogs, 480 ml Dogs Need Omega-3 Supplements Too


Dogs need Omega-3 in their diets too

We give our little dog a splash of Welactin’s Natural Omega3 Supplement every day with her meal. A veterinarian first suggested it to us as a supplement, and we love it. Actually, so does our dog! It is part of the reason she still looks like a puppy when she is ten years old.

We first got it as an overall health supplement. It is made of salmon or fish oil, so we know it is good for her. Not to mention that she loves the flavor. What we especially like about it is how soft and healthy her coat is. She shines, as a miniature princess should!

I also love that it reduces allergies and the itching that goes with them. That reduces the hot spots, sore spots, and bare spots that come from their worrying over one place. I like that it may be helping any inflammation she may have too. Inflammation can be responsible for so many aches and pains and illnesses.

Many Benefits in Omega 3

Want a list of its benefits?

  • Helps relieve inflammation
  • Alleviates and may eliminate allergies and reactions
  • Lessens dry skin
  • Stops flakiness
  • Alleviates itching
  • Gives the dog a shiny, healthy coat
  • Good for heart health
  • More energy
  • Feels better

While our primary purpose was for skin and coat health, I was surprised to learn it helps the heart, liver, immune system, renal system, joints and brain function. That’s a lot packed into one bottle.

I wish I’d known about this product when we had our big dogs. Our golden retriever especially would almost always be working on a paw. We’d treat it, even cover her paw with a little sock that we would tape on, but her allergies would have her starting on another. We did get allergy treatment, but I bet this would have stopped it without medication.

Amazon’s price makes the product very reasonable. A bottle lasts a very long time. I would highly recommend it!

Supplements That Work

Many people feel like their pets shouldn’t need supplement. Many hesitate, doubting the effectiveness of them. So it is good to have so many reviews available that tell what effect a supplement has had on an individual’s pet.

These are some other products we’ve given our dogs that have shown clear improvement in our dogs. Each of these has been recommended by vets at one time or another.

Actually all of these products would be excellent additions to your pet’s diet. The help they provide your pet help the pet owner as well. A healthy dog with a well functioning body is good for both.

FortiFlora for Digestive Health

Recommended by our vet to help prevent upset stomachs in our dog. A popular and effective product. If you want confirmation, check out the reviews. Often recommended by vets for pets with sensitive stomachs, it is also used for loose stools, diarrhea, and gas/flatulence that can tend to permeate the entire house. FortiFlora is not only the #1 bestseller for animal probiotics, but also has over 1000 ratings, and 600 reviews that give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It always surprises when a basic product like this receives that many reviews and ratings. That is definitely the sign of a product that works.


Vetri-Science Senior Chewable Tablets

This is a favorite in our household. As your dog ages, vitamins are often recommended. Ours love this one. She ask her if she wants her supplement each day. She thinks it’s a treat. This one offers vitamins and minerals, some specific for immune system support and brain function. DMG and CoQ10 provide for the liver and heart. It’s a pill that provides a complete balance for an aging dog. Many report seeing clear improvement in energy and brain health even. A very worthwhile product for your pet.


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