Once: The Musical

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OnceToronto has been host city to a number of world class musical productions and it just doesn’t stop!

The musical “Once” was also filmed in Toronto and that is where I was introduced to it. The story is one of music and the meeting of talented people trying to forage out a living on the corners and streets of many cities the world over. Hoping of course, that enough people will drop some change into your bag while you play your instrument. The hope is that you will be able to attract the adoring masses and maybe, just maybe, someone with some connections in the music industry, will hear you and like your sound. That is the hope, plain and simple…….

Our lead character is a guitar player that sings his own original works on the streets. He’s spent the whole day fixing people’s vacuum cleaners, earning a living, while at the same time trying desperately to become a renowned musician. The fixing vacuums puts food on the table and clothes on his back, but it’s the hours spent afterwards, on the streets playing that makes our hero shine….. The trouble is that our very talented lead actor, does not fully believe in himself and is just about ready to hang up his dreams when……he meets her. That’s when the magic begins.

This young lady is totally taken by his music and the wistful longing in his lyrics. He helps her to get her life cleaned up (he fixes her vacuum) and she, in turn, takes him to new heights musically, as she fills in some of the missing melodies.

These two unlikely people come together in a modern day romance built on a love of music and the longings of the heart.

If you enjoy music, and love stories, this is a must see show. I can’t spoil it for you, just let it be known that there are many twists and turns.

This is a really nice show and one that will have you humming and thinking about people and choices in life.

Winner of 8 Tony Awards, please put Once on your list of must see performances.

If you can’t get to a city where it is playing, then get the movie version. It is very enjoyable and a wonder for both the music and the love story….




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