Open and Shut, The First in David Rosenfelt’s Series

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Open and Shut, The First in David Rosenfelt’s Series

Open and Shut begins the Andy Carpenter series. It is one of my all time favorite series. It’s one I have already listened to more than once, because I am hooked on the narrator, Grover Gardner, and because of the pure entertainment found in David Rosenfelt’s characters.


That isn’t enough. I’ve decided to review each individually because they are that much fun. If I have to listen to a few still another time, well then, that is just lucky for me. Honestly, it’s like hanging out with friends now, something you enjoy doing often.

The first in the series is not the first book I purchased by Mr. Rosenfelt. When I saw the book Dead Center on sale a couple of years ago on Audible, it sounded like a good story and a new author, so I decided to get it. I liked it so much that it wasn’t long until I had listened to all that were out at the time.

Naturally I went back to the beginning. Open and Shut, being number one, was next.

While you will find each book is a stand alone story, for this series, I highly recommend starting with book number one. It sets the stage, introduces a variety of unique and enjoyable characters. Andy’s supporting cast, you could say. Between a secretary who spends most of her days doing crosswords puzzles to an investigator-body guard who seems to grunt more than actually speak, the cast makes quite a team. I still laugh out loud when I listen, even though I have heard it before.

In Open and Shut, Andy’s father asks him to take on an appeal case representing someone his father had put in jail years ago. Then his father dies, right in front of him. When Andy learns he has inherited $22 million from his father, along with an old photograph, he discovers another mystery—where did that money come from?

As he searches for answers, what he finds makes him doubt his own father along with the legal system. Then the case and his father’s legacy begin to blend together into a complicated plot, one Andy isn’t certain he wants to face.

Open and Shut is an captivating read. I couldn’t wait to finish it, but once I did, I wished it would have continued. Thankfully, it did in a way. The characters return in the second book in the series, First Degree.

There aren’t that many series that I would want to read or listen to a second time, even if I loved them the first time. But somehow, the characters is Mr. Rosenfelt’s novels draw me back every so often. Even as I write this, I know I will be putting it next on my list to hear one more time.

One last note; if you are at all interested in listening to a book instead of reading it, this would be an excellent choice to get in audio version. Download it through Audible or iTunes or the library, and listen on you iPod or smart phone. Grover Gardner IS Andy Carpenter. His delivery is exactly the way I would expect Andy to speak. Both the series and Mr. Gardner have quite a following as a result of his quality narration. I wish everyone would try the audio. Either way though, it’s a wonderful story that will keep you guessing and laughing at the same time.


First Degree (Andy Carpenter Book 2)






Bury the Lead (Andy Carpenter Book 3)









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