Our Dog’s Favorite: Plush Hide-a-Squirrel Dog Toy

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Three Paws Up Rating for This Toy

Our dogs have given this toy a unanimous paws up! When we first brought this toy home, we were curious to see how they would play with it. Two dogs over 60 pounds and one more under 10 pounds, all with very distinct personalities. The toy kept them entertained for such a long time!

After a lot of initial sniffing and biting, noses poked in each hole trying to see what was inside, two of the dogs laid down and watched as our shepherd mix patiently worked and worked, until finally she pulled the first squirrel from the ‘tree.’ She squeaked it up a bit until the second big dog trotted over, ears perked up, tail high, and played tug-a-war with the poor little squirrel. When she succeeded, she trotted away again, to a private spot where she could play with it alone.

No worries though, the shepherd, still patient, repeated her search for another squirrel, twisting and turning and biting until once again she successfully pulled squirrel #2 from it’s hiding place. Once again, here came the nosy girl, trotting over to take the second one. What she didn’t see in the background was the tiny dog, skulking over to the first squirrel. Quickly she grabbed it and jumped on the couch with her stolen treasure.

This went on with the third squirrel as well. If you haven’t guessed, the tiny dog ended up with all three, while the other two looked around curiously. Since that was so fun to watch, we stuffed the squirrels back into the tree and the game was on once again.

Durable, Washable, and Fun

All three dogs had a great time playing with it. If the squirrels went outside through the dog door (in some dog’s mouth that is), the little stuffed toys would easily go in the washing machine to bathe before we’d put them back into the tree.

It’s one toy that is very durable. It has lasted a very long time and entertained the kids (aka dogs) for hours and hours. Now we are looking at other toys with a similar design, but dogs do love squirrels!

What are The Best Dog Toys?

Dogs love to play ball, tug of war, and the usual, but sometimes it’s good to have a toy that keeps them busy and interested for a longer period of time. Sort of like with dog chews. The point of them to me is to provide a long period of chewing enjoyment. If the pleasure is gone to soon, that detracts from it.

That’s why I like these toys. You might even call them educational dog toys. Who can resist that? It requires some effort on the dog’s part, plus you may want to play too. They like to be stimulated and engaged just like children!

Paw Hide Treat Toy That Helps Train Search Skills

Your dog will love this! Hide treats under the yellow cups and let the dog figure out how to get to it. It’s good for their searching instincts, especially when they get the reward!


Hide and Seek Plush Toys

Prefer hedgehogs over squirrels? These guys are so cute. The dogs love the texture of the hedgehogs too. You can also get sheep in a pen, bees in a hive, and dogs in a dog house, and more. Fun and adorable to play with.


Watch it work in This Video

Great fun to be had! Take a look at this review of the Hide a Squirrel toy to see how cute and fun it will be for your pet. The number one bestselling small dog toy on Amazon with 3,700 ratings and nearly 2,700 written reviews. Obviously this one is a hit! It’s very durable too, able to hold up to tug of war, pawing, and lots of biting.



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