Packing for a trip: Travelling light

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Packing for a trip: Tips for travelling light

Packing light for your vacationDo you always take too many clothes with you when you go on vacation? I used to- every time.

That’s until I took the advice of a friend of mine, Caroline, who is the editor of a top fashion magazine in London,

She has spent all her working life travelling and invariably she has to look good when she gets there.

She can’t turn up at  a Paris fashion show looking like something the cat dragged in, after all.

Caroline always amazed me because she could go on long vacations with only the tiniest of bags, so I was happy to take her advice.

Now, it’s other people who are amazed at me. When they are struggling with their suitcases, I am breezing along with my small bag.

And you can imagine how much time this saves at the airport. No checking in of numerous suitcases and as for waiting at that dreadful luggage carousel – I hate that with a vengeance.

Here are some of Caroline’s packing tips:

  • Choose colours that are going to match each other. If that one green sweater isn’t going to match every single one of the clothes you take, then leave it at home
  • I tend to go for black, browns, orange and beige
  • Take accessories – a belt, a couple of necklaces and bracelets that will match any of the items you are taking
  • Be sure to select items that won’t crease and which don’t need ironing
  • Roll your clothes rather than fold them in your bag – folding encourages creases
  • Take items that can be quickly rinsed through in the sink in your hotel and that will drip-dry
  • Sarongs, shawls and scarves don’t just add interest  to your outfits. They can become beach cover-ups,head coverings or folded (sari-like) into garments.
  • Caroline is adamant that no-one needs more than two pairs of shoes when they’re on a trip – she can make do with one pair but I’ve never managed that!
  • Consider carefully the clothes that you’ll be travelling in. Make sure that they too coordinate with the clothes you’re packing. You’ll be able to create even more stylish outfits

 Thanks to Caroline’s ‘training’ I can go away for several days with just the items you see on the right. I can also be ready to set off on a trip in only minutes.

Many items – such as a makeup kit, a folding hairbrush, basic toiletries and so on live in my everyday bag all the time. Then I pack my clothes in the ‘roll’ that you see pictured.

The only items I add, that aren’t in the photograph, are my iPhone and the Kindle.

See more tips from Caroline and full details here.






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Author: Jackie Jackson

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