Passenger 19, by Ward Larsen

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A Deadly Air Crash

Passenger 19 is an exciting, fast paced, tension filled story that suspense fans will love. Ward Larsen has great series here. Grab a copy now!

Featuring ‘Jammer’ Davis,  the series is built around an NTSB crash investigator. In this entry, Jammer rushes to Bogota, Columbia after his boss tells him of the disappearance of a small passenger jet. That wouldn’t be unusual. He’s been investigating for decades. But this time his boss tells him that Jammer’s daughter was one of the passengers aboard.

The crash is found. No survivors. Yet he finds several strange things within the crash, most especially the fact that two of the passengers are missing. Searching the dense jungle for those missing and for any clues, he discovers still more anomalies. All which leads to a desperate hunt to find his daughter. Is it possible she is still alive?

He must find who is responsible for the crash. Who could be behind it?  Who are the missing passengers?

That is enough about the story. To say more would  give away part of the novel that  should be revealed page by page. Plenty of tension, yet comfortable in a way. Jammer is very likable and determined. He has an attitude that gives you confidence.

It’s a scary premise with many interesting details about crash investigation included. It was fascinating to see the scene as NTSB investigators see it, to learn what can be found in the site itself.  The descriptions are thorough and well handled.

The Audible Version

The entire story kept me listening. Good thing I was able to listen too, since it was a book I wanted to stay with. The audiobook is excellent. Very well done. Narrator, Tim Campbell, has the right voice for the characters. His timing and voice variations were right on, making the listen even more entertaining. You can listen to the sample here.

Passenger 19 is the third book to feature Jammer. The second is Fly By Night  and the first is Fly by Wire   Besides Jammer Davis’ Thrillers, Mr Larsen writes the David Slaton series, and more. Fly By Wire is now in my cart. I’ll be reading/listening to many more of Ward Larsen books. So very enjoyable!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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