Pasta Alfredo – a lighter, healthier version

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Pasta Alfredo – a lighter, healthier version

We try to eat as healthily as possible. And I prefer to cook food that takes little time – we’re all so busy these days. But sometimes we simply crave for some delicious, creamy pasta. Something like a Pasta Alfredo but oh, those calories.

Have you ever looked it up and seen how many calories there are in the usual version?

So in order to satisfy our cravings, and eat something that wasn’t too laden with full-fat cream, we developed our own healthier,lighter version. It’s very quick to make too.

Here’s all you need:


As you can see,I add some mushrooms to the dish. We love them and because we eat this as our main meal, they add just a little more oomph to our dinner.

You’ll also need garlic and,if you have it,lots of fresh basil. It’s nice to serve with lemon wedges too.

The sauce is remarkably simple and as you can see in the photograph,it’s more or less ready -prepared.

What is it? It’s called Media Crema and if you can’t buy it in your local grocery store, it’s available online.

We tend to buy it in packs of six cans – it works out cheaper that way and having a good amount in stock means that we can make this delicious, simple and quick dinner at any time.

It’s also perfect to serve as a side dish and tastes far more decadent and sinful than it really is.

It’s adaptable too. I know someone who loves seafood and he grills shrimp whilst he’s cooking the pasta, peels them and throws them into the dish just before serving.

He passes round a bowl of parmesan too so that people can add more cheese flavour if they wish.

This meal takes about ten minutes to make, I just use one pot so there are no piles of pans to deal with afterwards and it’s made from ingredients I always have on hand.

You can see the full recipe and step-by-step photographs here.








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Author: Jackie Jackson

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