A Personalized Book Embosser is a Special Gift for Someone Who Loves to Read

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A Personalized Book Embosser is a Special Gift for Someone Who Loves to Read.

A personalized book embosser is a lovely gift for anyone who loves to read, especially for those who love their hard-copy books. With the digital age, books to hold and made of paper are becoming less and less. Why not keep and protect these books and make a personal library by embossing each book with a seal stating “From the Library of….” It adds a personal touch and increases the intrinsic value of each book.

An embosser creates a raised seal on one of the inside first pages of a book. It looks great and adds a superb finishing touch to any personal library. A collection of books becomes more special to the owner.

My grandmother used to say, “Books are our best friends.” My grandmother loved her books. She was an avid reader and a woman way ahead of her time. I had the fortunate opportunity of being able to live with my grandmother for a few years when I was about 20 years old, and in this, I got to know my grandmother very well as a person. This was nearly 25 years ago.

My grandmother and I shared a condo on Connecticut Avenue near the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The living quarters were small. Therefore, every single night, I would watch her read in her favorite chair in the living room.

I remember when she received as a gift a “from the library of Rosemary Lynch Wilcox” embosser. At that time, as I was young, I hadn’t realized one could buy one of these. I just simply hadn’t thought of it. However, with seeing it and observing her delighted reaction, I immediately thought that an embosser is probably the best gift one could give to an avid reader and lover of books.

Later that night, we both set out to start embossing all of her books. Needless to say, there were a lot of them, and it took a good, long while. I remember her fondly viewing and touching each book. Each touch took her down memory lane. Since, I have given a few as gifts. Every time, the gift was very well received.

I must include that this article and gift recommendation is in honor of my grandmother, Rosemary Lynch Wilcox, who use to always tell me that “books are our best friends.” She simply wanted me to read.


Rosemary Lynch Wilcox (1923 – 1994)

What do think about an embosser as a gift for an avid reader or collector of books? Do you have fond memories of your grandmother? Please feel free to share about your grandmother, even if it’s not related to books or book embossers in the comments below.

My grandmother would be so proud to see that I’ve shared a photo of the Library of Congress above. My grandmother was born and raised outside of Buffalo, NY.

She moved to Washington, D.C. on her own because she just had to be there. That woman was crazy-wild in love with D.C.

She used to say “Just give me a good conversation!” and “This is where everything happens!”

My grandmother was a proper lady, way ahead of her time.



Melanie Wilcox is also known online as melaniekaren. Her educational background is in biology and environmental science; she loves our natural world. She writes about various nature topics, ancient symbolism, sustainability and self-sufficiency and most things spiritually esoteric. Visit Melanie’s website.


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