The Pocket Monkey Multi Purpose Tool

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The best and thinnest multi purpose tool.

pocketmonkey_2I’ve always loved those small credit card sized tools – the ones that are a smaller and lighter version of the Swiss Army knife – and I’ve found this one to be the best.

The reasons are simple, it’s so thin that it easily fits into the credit card section of my wallet, it has just the tools I need and it doesn’t get confiscated at the airport when you travel.

It was developed by Nate Barr who you can see holding this genius little tool in the photograph. He started the company because he was looking for a lightweight multi tool and just couldn’t find one. Being a mechanical engineer, he designed one himself. The Pocket Monkey is the result.

What tools does the Pocket Monkey have?

  • pocketmonkey_4As you’d expect, it has three different screwdrivers. One regular sized, one small that is perfect for those tiny screws on eyeglasses and a Philips
  • It has hex wrenches in six different sizes
  • It has, of course, a bottle opener
  • An incredibly useful phone stand
  • A fruit peeler
  • A ruler – inches on one side and millimetres on the other
  • A door latch opener for opening locked interior doors
  • A paper cutter / letter opener
  • An earbuds cord wrap

pocketmonkey_3Because it doesn’t feature a knife, there’s no problem taking it onto aircraft. In fact, the phone stand is great for air travel.

You can use your phone using just one hand or hands-free if you’re watching a movie for example. I didn’t realise just how handy this is until I tried it.

When Nate was designing the Pocket Monkey he took into account the regulations set down by the Transportation Security Administration so that the tool could be taken on planes.

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It makes a splendid gift, too. Below, meet Nate and see the product in action.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Well you learn something new every day. I’ve never seen this handy tool before, it looks like a winner. I’ll for sure have to check this one out. Thanks Jackie

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