Pic of the week: A Poem for Granddads Everywhere

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A Poem for Granddads Everywhere.

I’m four and know about an old woman who swallowed a cow – But I don’t know how she swallowed a cow.
I know about Jameson whisky (it’s for his chest)
And that Postman Pat and Maisie are the best.
My Granddad told me that.

Melina & Me 001

My Granddad’s worked as a teacher, clerk, and railway cop,
careers adviser, and in a camera shop.
He danced once on a famous show; they called it ‘Ready, Steady, Go’
My Granddad told me that.

I’m eight and know about the birds, the sea, the stars, the sun
I know that school is good – the place to go to do my best
I know that I could shine out across the rest.
My Granddad told me that.

I’m 14 now and try and hide Granddad away
When Kent, and Jade, and Gemma come overnight to stay.
He’s well… really not that cool –
and says gross things like, ‘ How is SCHOOL ! ’

But now I know that life has many shades
Of light and dark, and many grey
Bad things will come and bleach away
But kindness never fades.
My Granddad told me that.

Colin Neville is a retired university teacher, author of four non-fiction books (on education and local history topics), online seller of art & design-related fine and limited edition books, gardener, chef, granddad.He lives in West Yorkshire, near Ilkley. Currently working on developing an information database of Bradford (Yorkshire) born artists, past and present.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. What a treat this was to read Colin. I so treasure every minute that spend with my grandchildren. We are the Lucky ones 🙂

    • I’m with you there, Sam. Enjoy them before they change – into teenagers.

  2. Nice one Colin! And the poem’s wonderful too. I have so little opportunity to spend time with young ‘uns these days so this was a treat.

    • Thanks Andy. It’s school holiday time again, so our house is a safety valve for the grandchildrens’ parents (our kids) – they know and feel what it was like for us now!

  3. Thanks Susan. I am really the lucky one.

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