SunJack: The Portable Solar Charger

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Charge your devices anywhere using solar power.

These days we can make phone calls, browse the internet or use our e-readers almost anywhere. On the beach, in the countryside, when we’re camping or hiking. But, that is, only if we can charge our various devices.

That’s where the SunJack comes in. Powered entirely by the sun, the SunJack will charge your phone, reader or tablet at the same speed as an ordinary home outlet.


It’s also terrific for emergency use or simply for making the most of natural power rather than wasting the planet’s resources. You can lay your SunJack out in the sun, as seen in the photograph above, hang it from your bicycle or your backpack and even set it on the dashboard of your car and let it soak up the natural power of the sun.


It’s idea to use in the great outdoors because it’s incredibly sturdy. The manufacturers say that when they were testing the charger they ran over it with a car and even fire at it with a handgun! If it can put up with that sort of abuse, it can certainly handle any rigours you and I throw at it.

You can also plug in USB lights, fans, lamps, music devices or other appliances. It is a wonderful item to take with you on your boat or in your RV too. It folds to the size of an iPad so it’s easy to carry it around and you’ll be pleased to know that it has a full one year no-hassle guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

The video below will tell you so much more. Watch to see the details about this fabulous charger and you can see more reviews Рand place an order Р at Amazon


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