Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Proper Attire for your Pet

On January 14th we celebrate National dress up your pet day. If you have a small dog, or one with little or very short hair, you probably dress your dog often, but today is still cause for celebration. It is estimated that in the United States alone we will have spent over $58 billion in 2014. The year before the figure was nearly $56 billion. While the majority was spent on food and veterinary care, $13 billion plus was spent on supplies. That would include clothing.


Clearly we love our pets, and so we should. The love and cheer they bring to our lives is immeasurable. Keeping them comfortable is the least we can do in return. A shirt or a little raincoat can make a big difference to their comfort and their health. Let’s face it, it makes it easier for us as well. You won’t need to spend an hour drying off your pet or pulling snow from its fur if they wear a little coat or booties.

In our family we currently have a mini dachshund. A small dog has particular needs. Not only is she short-haired, she is also only a few inches off the ground. That means nearly anytime she is outside her bare tummy gets wet and cold. It isn’t just small dogs either. Dogs like greyhounds and basenjis, with their thin coats, can easily be chilly as well. Even if they grow a winter coat it may not provide the warmth they need.

Sometimes a simple t-shirt is enough. Our favorite is the fleece tank top featured here in this article 

It is stretchy and snug, so it doesn’t drag on the ground. The snugness can even help a nervous dog calm. Our second favorite is a fleecy lined little raincoat. Because of their unique shape, some dogs are a little more difficult to find clothes to fit. With the dachshunds broad chest and protruding chest bone it makes many styles too snug. Clothes with sleeves are more difficult to fit because of that as well. That’s one of the reasons we usually prefer sleeveless. It protects the trunk of their body, leaving legs free.

Many pets love wearing clothes. We had one dog who would get in line anytime we were putting a shirt on the dachshund. She was a long haired dog that didn’t need it, but she made it obvious she liked it. Perhaps she was a pup fashionista, perhaps it made her feel special. It might have just offered her security. Whatever it was, it allowed her to feel content.

With the winter’s weather we are having right now, it is so important that you keep your dog warm as well. Booties, a sweater, any way you can keep them a little dryer makes it easier for them to cope with the weather.

If you are looking for a shirt or sweater for your pet, one of our favorite places to find stylish and affordable clothes for pets is here at Muttropolis.





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