It’s National Puzzle Day

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January 29th Means It’s National Puzzle Day

On this day of celebration for puzzles of all kinds, let us remember how good they are for brain health as well. Exercising the mind may be as important as exercising the body.

Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus, Volume 4 (The Los Angeles Times)

Besides, they are fun. Whatever kind of puzzle you might enjoy, think of the pleasure it provides when you finish a game or a puzzle. Words with Friends, anyone? When you do a crossword puzzle and get a difficult word, doesn’t it feel good? Especially the L.A. Times Sunday puzzle! Sudoku is another one. Whenever I finish one I feel a little bit smarter. Silly as it may sound, there is a sense of accomplishment, of victory, that is uplifting.

Just think, at the same time you are enjoying one (or frustrated trying to figure one out), your body is sparking links that may strengthen connections in your brain at the same time. Isn’t that a win/win we can all get behind?

It is SO important for senior minds too. Crossword puzzles are probably one of the most recommended, but any puzzle will help keep their mind actiive and working.

Thinking of that reminded my how much seniors in residential facilities enjoy jigsaw puzzles. Every time I visit there are a few people enjoying them. The colorful designs are mood lighteners. When they work, they are concentrating. When they finish a section or the puzzle, they are pleased with themselves. It’s a great hobby wherever they may live.

In the article here,  I’ve included some of my recommendations along with favorite styles and designs that are great choices for seniors. The size of the puzzle and the pieces can be important.

Pick one up for your next visit. A large print crossword book, or a jigsaw puzzle with a bright design, any puzzle you think they would enjoy. They really do brighten a day.



Anyone Looking? Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Piece





300 Piece Charles Wysocki The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter Jigsaw Puzzle









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