After Queen Elizabeth II: What will happen?

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After Queen Elizabeth II: What will happen?

Queen_ElizabethThe last time a monarch died was in 1952.  That is more than a lifetime ago for many of us and the world is a very different place now. Although many believe in the line from the National Anthem ‘long to reign over us’, we have to admit that, having been born in 1926, she may be coming to the end of her time as monarch.

No, I don’t believe she will abdicate and it may be many years before she dies but preparations for that event are already being made in high places. The BBC for example, along with television channels throughout the world, already have unseen documentaries about her life ready for showing when the queen passes away.

Of course, Prince Charles will automatically become king. Britain is never without  sovereign. The second one dies,or abdicates, the next in line automatically becomes king or queen.

The coronation, which generally happens after a suitable period of mourning, is a mere formality. (But a huge tourist attraction and media event).

Did you know that there’s no obligation for Prince Charles to call himself ‘King Charles’? If he prefers, he can choose another name. The likelihood is though,in these days of communication, he will retain his name.

The line of succession will shuffle accordingly. Prince William will be the heir to the throne (and he will also become the Prince of Wales).

The effect on Britain is likely to be enormous. Many businesses will close for a period of time out of respect. Even those who have been anti-monarchy will show their respect for her work and her long reign.

The way the news travels will be very different than it was when her father died. It’s possible that we will see rumours on Twitter before it is confirmed by the palace. Bloggers in their millions will be writing about it and much depends on, to be indelicate for moment, whether her death is expected (after a long illness, for example) or comes as a shock (as happened with Diana,Princess of Wales). This will necessarily affect the reporting.

When the queen’s mother died, a television newscaster was criticised because he announced her death wearing  ‘frivolous’ red tie. You can be assured that this won’t happen again as the BBC are reported to now keep black suits and ties on hand, should their newsreaders be required to report a death.

The queen’s body will lie in state and a huge number of people will attend to pay their respects. The funeral will be huge occasion and attended by dignitaries from all over the world. This will all be extensively covered on television, where normal programming is likely to be suspended for quite some time.

Something very special will leave the world when the queen goes. Can you imagine the event below being for anyone else?






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