Quick and Easy Recipes: Spinach for Breakfast

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Quick and Easy Recipes: Spinach for Breakfast

Today in the continuing series of spinach recipes come two of my favorite breakfasts. Both are fast and easy. So easy that you really don’t even need a recipe. Add as much as you like of the spinach and the eggs. You can feed a bunch. The first recipe especially is perfect for taking to a brunch. Because it is fast and easy yet still colorful and filling, I will often take it to morning potlucks. Still, usually I make enough just for one or two.

Sometimes, to make it healthier, I will often use half eggs and half egg substitute to hold down the cholesterol. Low fat shredded cheese helps too. It’s so easy to sprinkle on an Italian or Mexican blend, or any favorite. Add a splash of low fat milk or cottage cheese to make the dish fluffier.

Sometime when you are fixing, toss it some small bites of cauliflower, since it goes well in anything. The variety can be as big as your tastes. Green or red pepper, mushrooms, jalapeños, squash, olives…all would taste wonderful.

Spinach is one of the very top super-foods you can eat for your body’s health. Eat it as often as you can, however you like it. You will find it’s an easy way to slip more vegetable servings into your diet. Plus it blends well with almost any dish you are preparing.


If I don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen, this is my go-to breakfast including eggs.

Simply sauté some fresh spinach, chopped or whole, in an oiled skillet. After the spinach has wilted (jone or two minutes), remove from pan onto a paper towel to drain. Re-oil the pan, then pour in stirred eggs. I used 4 eggs in this recipe with 2 cups of spinach to serve 2.

You can use as many as you want depending how many you are serving.

Once the eggs are beginning to cook, add the spinach back in, and scramble til done. Throw in a chopped green onion too.

Season to taste. Sprinkle with cheese and it’s ready to serve. Add a slice of toast and yum!



For another easy spinach breakfast, I’ll throw in some cooked, sliced bacon or even bacon crumbles, while scrambling the eggs and spinach, then roll the mix with some shredded cheese in a tortilla.

If you are eating at home, melt a little more cheese on top, and serve with salsa. It is filling and yummy. If you want to take it on the road, roll it up more snuggly and wrap it in foil or wax paper. The wrapping should be something you can handle easily in case you are literally eating in the car.

Salsa always seems to taste good on eggs. So does tabasco! The spinach cooks down so much you can easily use 3 cups if you want. For cheese I like the low fat blends with both orange and white cheese, but you can use your favorite.

The fun of a scramble is that you can add what you like. Sausage, soy crumbles, mushrooms, even potatoes or some leftover rice. Another treat would be to slice some avocado on top before rolling it up. Tortillas are great for a grab and go breakfast. You can have a hot, nutritious breakfast that will be satisfying and very yummy.


  • Pour into cupcake tins for individual spinach scramble bites. Bake at 350 degrees until set. They are easy to eat on the run.
  • Put the scrambled eggs on bread with a slice of cheese on top for a scramble sandwich.
  • Use a pita or flat bread instead of bread for a change in taste.


Another favorite that I often make ahead and freeze to take to work with me is the crustless quiche.

You can find the recipe here

Assemble, bake while you are getting ready, and you have a pretty, satisfying hot breakfast. I would make it quite often when I worked. It freezes beautifully in individual servings. Microwave it for a minute when you are ready to eat. Better yet, take the whole dish and share!





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  1. This spinach and egg burrito looks SO good. I can almost taste it!

    • Thank you Susan! An alternative to the breakfast sandwich. Fun to add your favorites too.

  2. This all looks so good. We love spinach at our house too. I’m going to try your muffin tin idea. I’ve seen several recipes using eggs and muffins tins, and yours inspires me to finally give it a go. If I pull it off, they will come in mighty handy next week when I’m on the run all five days.

    Thanks for the suggestions, the recipes, and the gorgeous photographs.

    • Thank you, Kathryn. It is easy to make these ahead to grab when you need them. Don’t forget the spinach!

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