Quiz: The Beatles’ Children

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Quiz: How much do you know about the Beatles’ children?

Between them, the Beatles had eleven legal and legitimate children. There were many lawsuits and paternity claims over the years (naturally) but here were are talking about those who were all legal and above board. How much do you know about the Beatles’ offspring?

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Test your knowledge.



Which is the oldest of the Beatles’ children? Note that this is slightly a trick question – we are talking here about legal and legitimate offspring.



Which is the youngest child of a member of the Beatles? Here’s a clue – the father also holds the honour of being the father of the oldest Beatles child.



All four Beatles had children. Were there more boys or girls? (There are eleven in total so the answer cannot be that they had equal numbers)



How many Beatles had just one son?




How many of the Beatles’ children work or have worked in the music business?




Which of the Beatles’ children are named after their grandmothers?



sevenWhen did Paul McCartney have his first grandchild? Was he the first Beatle to become a grandfather?



Which two of the Beatles’ children are / were involved in the fashion industry?




Only two of the Beatles children have three first names. Which ones are they? Clue: they both have the same father.



Which of the Beatles children most resembles his / her father?



How many did you get right? Looking for the answers?

They are below but maybe this video will help with  anything you have forgotten.


Here are the answers:


The oldest is Heather McCartney (born December 1962). She is not Paul’s biological daughter but his wife Linda’s from a previous marriage. But Paul legally adopted her making her the eldest legal Beatles offspring. The oldest biological child is Julian Lennon, born in April 1963.


The youngest child to be born to a member of the Beatles is Beatrice Milly. She is also a daughter of Paul McCartney from his second marriage to Heather Mills. Beatrice was born in October 2003. This means that there is a gap of forty one years between his first child and his last.


Between them, the Beatles had six sons (Julian & Sean Lennon, Zak & Jason Starr, James McCartney and Dhani Harrison)  and five daughters (Heather, Stella, Mary & Beatrice McCartney and Lee Starr).


Paul McCartney had just one son, James. George Harrison had one son, Dhani.



fiveSix. Julian and Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, James McCartney, Zak Starr (as Zak Starkey) and his sister Lee who sang backing vocals on Ringo’s 1998 Vertical Man album.



Mary McCartney, the eldest of Paul’s biological children, was named after his mother. John Lennon’s first son, Julian, was so named in honour of John’s mother Julia. Both Paul and John lost their mothers when both boys were in their teens. Beatrice McCartney is named after Heather Mills’ mother..

sevenPaul’s daughter Mary married Alistair Donald in 1998. In 1999 Paul McCartney’s first grandchild,  Arthur Alistair Donald, was born. Ringo Starr was the first Beatle to become a grandfather in 1985.


eightStella McCartney is a well-known fashion designer who does not use any animal products (such as fur or leather) in her clothing ranges. Lee Starkey, Ringo’s daughter owned a boutique in Hollywood.When the store closed she continued as a fashion designer until her mother’s terminal illness and her own diagnosis of a brain tumour put a stop to her career.


All the Beatles children, apart from two, have just two Christian names – James Louis, Mary Anna, Beatrice Milly and so on. The only ones who have three are John Lennon’s two sons – John Charles Julian and Sean Taro Ono.


This is subjective of course. But to me, Dhani Harrison is SO much like his father, George. Paul McCartney’s son James is like his father too but (sorry James) without the super-cuteness. See the photographs of Dhani below.

Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison 2


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