Recipe: Spicy onion fritters

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The secret batter for onion fritters

Does your cholesterol level give a quiet lurch at the very thought of battered onion fritters? Well here’s a lovely recipe for onion fritters that really is much lighter – and actually much more tasty than anything similar you’ve ever tried before.

They are truly delicious.


Here you see them served with a simple salad – tomato, spring onions, a little coriander and a wedge of lemon.

They are wonderful to serve as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to a main dish.

Because were are a meat-free household, we enjoy these as main meal – served with a huge green salad and maybe a little great-quality wholemeal bread.

They are incredibly simple to make, too.

Although the title of the recipe is spicy onion fritters, the degree of that spiciness is entirely up to you.

We love Indian food and these fritters are similar to a lighter version of onion bhajis and I use a ready-prepared korma sauce to add the Indian flavour.

If you like even spicer food,use a stronger sauce. If spicy flavours aren’t for you, then you can omit the sauce altogether.

All you need to do is slice the onions and blanch them in boiling water.

Dust them with a little flour, add to the batter, add the spicy sauce if you choose to use it then take spoonsful of the mixture and deep fry them. The result is a lovely dish of delightful fritters.

I like to drain them on kitchen paper to rid them of any excess oil but you won’t believe how light this batter is. In fact,once you’ve discovered this batter, the chances are that you’ll findso many other uses for it. One of my favourite ways is to fry button mushrooms coated in this light and tasty batter.

Oh, the secret ingredient?

Click here for the recipe and step-by-step instructions and photographs.









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