Boston Bake: A recipe to use up leftovers

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Use your leftovers to make this delicious and easy meal.

I hate wasting food, don’t you? This is a recipe I developed many years ago when I ran a health food store.

We sold takeout lunches and invariably had leftovers. A business can’t afford those losses. So Boston Bake was the result.

It’s incredibly adaptable. Although the original version is meat-free, you can include chopped leftover ham, turkey … anything at all.

You’ll need a solid vegetable to form the base. Leftover potatoes are ideal.

Place them, sliced, in an oven dish and if you have them add any other sliced vegetables on top. (Yams and parsnips are wonderful).

Cook these in a medium oven while you prepare the next layer.

I always have leftover bread so grate this (or whiz in a blender) -use leftover sandwiches, garlic bread – you can even use leftover pizza here too!

I like to season this with black pepper, garlic and herbs. But add any leftovers you might have – cooked vegetables,chopped meats, whatever you have to hand.

Spread this on top of the potatoes,press down slightly and place the dish back in the oven. I then use a can of beans as the next layer. But if you have beans in chili sauce, why not? Pour these into the dish as the next layer.

Top with grated cheese and bake for about twenty five minutes.Serve in slices along with a green salad.

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