Red Ribbons, by Louise Phillips, A Review

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Book One in the Kate Pearson Series

A killer is out there, targeting young girls, staging them with ribbons in their hair, hands in prayer.

Dr Kate Pearson is a criminal psychologist, a profiler. The first murder brings her into the investigation. The second ties it to her. Kate can’t let go of it, not when the victims are children.

Another woman is in s mental facility since the death of her daughter more than a dozen years before. When a new doctor arrives at the facility he wants to help her, even if she doesn’t want it. As she is led to reveal what happened all those years ago, her story becomes familiar.

The investigation ramps into a race as more children are discovered dead.

The author tells the story thru several of the characters. I admit at first it confused somewhat. Before long I was part of their story. The reader is drawn in to the lives of the characters, the strain of relationships, the fear and uncertainty, the killer’s plans. Kate especially, finds herself torn with her husband and son at home. At home the tension increases with her absence. Still, how can she stop the investigation.

This was my first by this author, as well as the first in the series. So far four books are available.

From Audible

I was very pleased to listen to the book through Audible. Lovely narrator, Carolyn Morahan, added so much to the story, with excellent pacing and the voice/character changes. Listening in audio works so well for me. With the busyness of a day, there is little time to sit down and read. It is much easier to fit in listening—while driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. Of course, Ms. Morahan’s accent suits perfectly. You can listen to a sample here.

International Bestseller

It becomes clearer as each chapter passes why the book became an international bestseller.

Building suspense as the different stories develop. Ms. Phillips reveals the details so well. The stories begin so separately, but gradually they are woven together. It makes for a thoughtful, mysterious read that you will have to see through to the end.

With Kate’s personal life in disarray, she still finds herself unable to step back from the investigation. Yet as the killer turns his attention toward her, she might find herself the next victim.

Very well done!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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