Remember the Electric Knife? It’s Still So Handy!

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Fast and Efficient for Slicing Bread and Meat

Make carving a whole lot easier

Essential for holidays or party times is our electric knife. I am still surprised how effective the Cuisinart CEK is–what an improvement over my old one! I love to roast turkeys. In spite of the last minute rush, it seems one of the easiest meals to prepare. Just stuff the bird and stash him in the oven. No matter what I do, several hours later the aromas are enough to make the average person drool.

But when the time came to serve the turkey, the story changed. It was always difficult for me to remove the legs, wings and thighs without pulling them apart. When I would try to slice the breast meat, it would usually come off in big chunks or in shreds. Not very attractive, though still tasty. Maybe I don’t have enough patience using a regular knife, but it was always a pain.

Now I find it very useful for bread slicing too. That’s a favorite on this unit. It comes with a separate bread blade that works fantastic, a major plus when you use a bread machine.


Excellent Features

So much faster

All that changed when my husband surprised me with the incredible electric knife. It made meat carving so easy. Do be careful of your fingers! One quick zip and the leg is separated from the thigh, another and the thigh is free. Slicing the white meat is a breeze. You can get lovely thin slices if you wish, or thicker of course. Besides the improved appearance, it takes so much less time. The blade quickly cut through the meat. You will have that bird boned in record time.

Two blades and its own stand

The Cuisinart CEK-40 offers much more than our first electric knife. This one comes with a great butcher block stand that holds the unit and locks the blades securely, protecting any fingers passing by. There is also a second blade for slicing bread. I love that, since the bread machine is another favorite that gets a lot of use.

If you use one, you know that using a regular knife to slice a fresh loaf of bread will likely squish it somewhat. The electric knife eliminates most of that.

As a left hander, it is also good to know that the unit is ergonomic so it works as well for left handers as right handed people.

A great gift idea for anyone who entertains

Naturally you will find it useful for any meat. Evenly sliced roast beef, rotisserie chickens, vegetables too, if you want to save time. It’s a little appliance that may not be used as often as others, but when you need it, the job gets done!


See How Well The Cuisinart Knife Works

I’d always liked my electric knife for cutting roasts and slicing turkey. It would do the job so cleanly and easily, compared to doing it by hand. The slices always come out straight, whether cutting against the grain or with it.

Seeing it used for slicing bread makes it an even great small appliance. One of my other favorite appliances is my bread machine. Slicing fresh bread from a bread machine is definitely not one of my strong suits. Usually I would have the bread squished up badly by the time I finished the tall loaf. Thankfully it would bounce back somewhat. But with an electric knife, I love that it easily cuts through the bread, and that you can make thinner slices than by hand. It comes out great, ready for use.

It can be used for vegetables and fruit too.  Try it on a tomato!


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