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Right or Almost Right by John Haremza: Succeeding in network marketing.

In your business, are you doing it right or is what you’re doing almost right? As the author explains, in business it’s those small details – those tiny steps – that make all the difference between success and mediocrity.

Although the author refers to his working life an the field of network marketing, the ideas and methods are remarkably helpful to anyone in business, no matter what their field of endeavour.

The book is packed with ideas, quotes and examples from the author’s own working life and his practical experiences. Network marketing has been around for decades but the principles remain the same and how does today’s networking, that of social media, fit into the picture?


The author succeeded in network marketing over twenty five years ago before social media burst onto the scene but today we can use his tried-and-tested methods in conjunction with the benefits we receive from our online activities.

What’s more, when the author started his adventures in business, he was a young man living in a trailer park and working as a machine operator in a factory that made potato chips. He was also dyslexic which in those days meant that he was branded as ‘dumb’. He hardly had a great beginning but ended up earning millions.

Not only did John Haremza create a great life for himself, he also trained others to do the same. The book gives you the opportunity to follow his methods.

The extra mile?

So is this a book about ‘going the extra mile’? About exceeding expectations and being vastly superior to the next guy? Not necessarily.

Coincidentally, in the late eighties I worked for the same company as the author, although he was in the States and I was in the UK — our paths didn’t cross. But when training my salespeople I would use a motor racing analogy. (If you know me, you’re probably not surprised!)

Recently, the Formula One World Champion won a race by four thousandths of a second. That’s hard to imagine, isn’t it, such a tiny amount of time. But it demonstrates well that in your work, no matter what line of business you are in, you only need to be fractionally better than the next guy — or rather, the guy behind you.

Is network marketing right for you?

The ideas put forward in this book will help anyone who is looking to succeed in their business. If you’re already involved in network marketing then it’s without doubt essential reading. Or maybe you’ve heard about network marketing and not been sure that it’s for you? Then you definitely need to read this book.

Even after all these years it’s still one of the best ways to make a living, to make friends and to have a roster of happy customers. But it’s had bad press over they years. ┬áSo read what the author has to say — and all I can add is that for me it was certainly a great way to make money and have loads of fun too.

I only wish I’d had this book at the time!


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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