Right to Kill, by Andrew Peterson

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Nathan McBride is Back

“Excellent” is the correct word to describe Right to Kill from the very beginning. Author, Andrew Peterson, drops us right in the midst of an attack on Linda Genneken’s isolated home. His descriptions are so effective, you will clearly see each room, feel and sense what both Linda and Nathan feel as they respond to the attack. It pulls you in immediately and keeps you there, holding on, until the very end.

Linda had retired as the CIA Chief. So why would someone be after her now?  That they want her alive is clear–and dreaded. She has a wealth of knowledge in her head that could put many in grave danger.

Nathan McBride and Harvey Fontana, rushing to her aid, are a pleasure to be with once again. The two characters are not only such good guys, they know each other so well their actions are seamless. They will need those skills from the start.

The three of them are determined to find those who would kidnap anyone associated with the CIA. When it appears to involve an earlier South American mission they must find two from their past. Two who are involved in a much bigger conspiracy that could cause untold damage.

From Audible Studios

I was delighted to listen to book six through Audible–I do love audio. Not only so I could keep listening at times I would be unable to read, but also because of how well author and narrator go together. Be sure to listen to the sample here to hear for yourself. It’s produced by Audible as well, so you know it will be well done.

Kudos—and thanks–to Andrew Peterson for selecting one of the best narrators today to read his novels. Dick Hill is always fantastic, adding a continuous and perfect voice to the characters.

Mr. Peterson has once again put together a story that flows smoothly and quickly with action, chase scenes, and the remarkable thought process of Nathan. The knowledge of weaponry, the description of their decisions, and their value of lives, even those of their enemy, leave you impressed with the heroes. Both are so likable and steadfast.

There are hints in this one that we may see other characters added to the series, perhaps on a regular basis. We can hope so.

Each of the Nathan McBride series is a stand alone. However, you might prefer to start at the beginning to see the characters develop. If so, here is the list of books in order.  I highly recommend the series, wherever you start.

The Series

First to Kill
Forced to Kill
Option to Kill
Ready to Kill
Contract to Kill
Right to Kill


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