Roll Up Games for Travel and Small Spaces

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Chess, checkers and backgammon – for travelling or for small spaces.

We’ve been living in the technological age for a long time now and that’s probably why there’s a huge trend now for playing traditional boardgames. The problem is, that they can take up so much room especially when you’re travelling, camping or if you live in a small apartment.

Sondergut have the answer with these fabulous roll up ‘board’ games. You see,the board is a beautifully crafted, soft item that rolls up to about the size a pocket umbrella – about twelve inches long.

And as you can see from the photograph above, it has a zippered compartment to keep all the pieces stored when you’re not using the game. So you can play on the beach, on a plane, in the park — wherever you want and the Sondergut games are easy to carry around as they weigh less than half a pound.

What a wonderful change from staring at screens! I don’t know about you but I have fond memories of playing board games when I was a kid, along with my dad, brother or sister. It would be a shame if kids today miss out on those memories and if their recollection of playing games will be the those of being alone, staring at a screen and literally twiddling their thumbs.

What I love particularly about the chess set is that if you turnover the pieces, you have checkers. So you can play a lengthy chess tournament  or a quick fun game of checkers – this makes it suitable even for the young children in the family.

You can learn more from the video below.

As you can see, the ‘board’ is made from a luxurious soft suede, the zipper is brass and these make it a truly high quality product. Take it on your boat or when you’re travelling in your RV. It make a great gift too or a wonderful addition to a dorm room.

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