Rolo: The Roll-Up Travel Bag

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Travel light with the fabulous Rolo.

This must surely be the best travelling bag if you like to travel light. Even when I’m going on long trip, I prefer to avoid checking luggage if I can – I’d rather rely on carry-on bags and avoid all the palaver they can cause.41F0NRQB9lLThe Rolo is the perfect solution. I can easily pack everything I need for a trip of five or so days – longer if the trip is a warm-weather one and sweaters won’t be required. I can use the Rolo on its own but there’s no reason why you can’t use it in conjunction with another bag.

For example, you can clip it to the side of another bag or backpack and as far as your airline is concerned, it forms one piece of carry-on luggage. See the photograph below.


You’ll notice that the Rolo has a hanging hook. This means that when you get to your hotel or campsite, you can use the system as a portable wardrobe – there’s no need to unpack and if space is in short supply, it takes up hardly any room at all. When it’s hanging, you can easily see all the items through the mesh pockets. No more scrabbling in the bottom of a suitcase or backpack to find your favourite t-shirt.


There’s also plenty of room to add other items such as toiletries. It won’t hold shoes, of course, but especially for warm-weather trips a pair of flip flops is all I need, although a pair of fold-up ballet slippers fits into the Rolo perfectly well.

The Rolo was designed by a young couple, Benjamin Taller and Cheryl Mascari.They had a wonderful vacation backpacking through Europe but the major annoyance was trying to find their stuff in their bags. This is when they hit on the idea of the product you see above. Here’s an idea of how much clothing it will hold:512bWtTDVuLSee the Rolo on Amazon and read reviews

I have perfected going on trips for a week or less taking just my Rolo and my regular handbag. They contain everything I need. See how I pack my handbag here. The Rolo makes a great gift too for anyone who travels and wants to travel light.

And don’t miss the video below:


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