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Prince Andrew: Royal Scandals.

andrewIn January 2015, the press had a field day reporting that Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, was under investigation for child abuse.

Of course, this has been denied wholeheartedly by the palace.

The ‘abuse’ evidently refers to the allegation that he had sexual encounters with a minor.

That does sound pretty bad, doesn’t it?

But the ‘minor’ in question was seventeen years old when the ‘abuse’ took place. ¬†Although this event took place in the States, the age of consent in the UK is sixteen.

Sixteen is the most common age of consent throughout the world although the UK did consider lowering it to fourteen at one point.

I know girls who were married with a kid and a full time job at seventeen.

If Prince Andrew did indeed have a relationship with this girl, which I’m inclined to doubt, then he obviously chose unwisely in selecting¬†a girl who is now looking for a pay day.

But if he did, then there’s nothing to stop him. He has been divorced for many years and it’s unreasonable to expect that he has no personal life at all. He’s single, healthy and comparatively young, after all.

And we have to remember that royal scandals are as old as royal families themselves. In the latter half of the twentieth century,the public enjoyed the revelations of Princess Margaret’s divorce and subsequent affairs.

They revelled over stories about Princess Diana and Prince Charles. This is thanks to the media,of course. In times gone by, royals were secure in the knowledge that they could have affairs without the paparazzi reporting every detail. Famously, in the early nineteen thirties the future King Edward VIII and his mistress Wallis Simpson, regularly cavorted, swam and sunbathed in the nude when in the Mediterranean.

But as soon as Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge removed her bikini top when on vacation a few years ago, the photographs were splashed all over the media.

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