Ruby Ruby Ruby Rooobeee

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Ruby Ruby Ruby Rooobeee

Had a tune stuck in your head lately that you just cannot shift?

For me, these past few days, it has been ‘Ruby’ by The Kaiser Chiefs.

At Christmas while stuck in the queue at the supermarket, I was behind an elderly gentlemen that was whistling a tune familiar to me, yet I didn’t get it until hours later, and once I did, it was with me for days. It was Dean Martin’s ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’. Not my era or brand of music but I remembered playing it as a request on several occasions during my Hospital Radio days. So, despite the barrage of pesky carol singers hammering my front door down every half an hour demanding payment for their renditions of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’, it was Dino’s tune that I hummed away throughout the festive period.

Are these tunes that get stuck in our heads from time to time related to the mood we’re in?

Like when a prized girlfriend has just ditched me (yes I’ve been ditched – there I’ve said it) I don’t remember ever humming, or whistling or singing (Lord help those within earshot!) ‘Walking On Sunshine’ or ‘Here Comes The Sun’ while at the same time crying buckets (yes I’ve cried over a woman – there I’ve said it) and looking around for the nearest bridge to dive off.

We see animal cruelty or suffering on the television and singing is not what we want to be doing, right?

Or is it that we simply haven’t had the ‘trigger’ at that particular moment? The whistling elderly gentleman wasn’t in our shopping queue that day. It was news hour on the radio in the taxi. The chattering was so loud in the dentist’s waiting room no music could be heard.

A ‘trigger’ that causes an involuntary reaction within us, whatever our mood. We often hum, whistle or sing whether we like the tune or not – whether we want to or not. True?
Not so difficult to accept.

Many times after I have just had 10 hours uninterrupted sleep (yes I often sleep that long – there I’ve said it) I can be sent into a crazy yawning fit for an hour or more if I spot just one person with their trap ajar.

Either way, I’m stuck with ‘Ruby Ruby Ruby Rooobeee’ at least until the weekend.

So what have you been humming lately?




Danny has worked as a Radio Presenter at a number of stations around the UK since beginning his career in 1994. He has a love of travel, motorcycling and, of course, writing. He is currently single and lives in Northampton, England. When he is not here with us at JAQUO we know where to find him… over at his personal blog The Purveyor !

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. To be honest too many ‘ear worms’ to mention! I often get songs stuck in my head and sometimes struggle to figure out where they’ve come from. I often end up finding that my brain has picked up on a tune in an advert I’ve hardly noticed. Now, thank you, I’ve also got ‘Ruby’ stuck in my head! But not to worry, it’s a favourite that regularly worms its way in there… There’s been much worse stuck in there – believe me. :0)

    • Oh I wanna hear about the much worse in there! 🙂

      I once got stuck with ‘It’s Chico Time’ for an entire day.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • That sounds fun! (Not.) The most recently annoying one was ‘Live it up’ by Mental As Anything. I blame the other half for that one! 🙂

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