The Solar Charger, an Essential for Your Cell Phone

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Emergency Solar Power When You Need It.

Over 21,000 of these small WakaWaka solar chargers were put to good use in the Philippines after the typhoon Yolanda struck in November of 2013. Besides providing solar power to charge their cell phones and tablet, the flashlight also aided them during the dark hours.

This solar powered charger was recently featured as one of the highlights at the Consumer Electronics Show. Using a USB cord, It will charge most cell phones and tablets even without an electric connection. That’s a gadget most of us actually need and will definitely use.

It works on A/C when available or set it in the sun for a solar charge. For A/C you will need an additional cable. Either USB to a power attachment or USB to USB. You can plug in to your computer periodically to keep it charged as an extra precaution. That can been especially handy when you live in foggy weather.

It’s extremely lightweight (about 7 oz), and very durable. Its size is only an inch or so larger than my iPhone.

These handy chargers from WakaWaka have established an excellent reputation in the Philippines since the terrible typhoon. With power out, they were desperately needed so the residents could stay charged, connected and in touch.

When you think how reliant we are on our smartphones to stay connected to family and friends, whether texting or calling, as well as for everything from banking to getting the latest news.

It must have been such a relief to the residents without power–in some cases without a home– to reconnect with their families once they could charge their phones and tablets.

Are You Prepared?

Do you have a way to charge your phone when the power goes out?

With the winter storms we are hearing about again this week, has your power stayed on? We seem to have trouble with ours going out, even when it isn’t stormy. The high winds expected the next few days will put it to the test.

For Outdoor Adventures

There are often circumstances when power is unavailable or at least hard to access. Camping, bicycling, hiking are fun examples.  The Waka Waka Solar charger is great to take along.  It won’t take much room, plus it offers the bright flashlight for your use.

In the past decade the smart phone has taken over the cell phone market.  We have come to rely on our phones for so much now. I bet we use it less for actual phone calls than we do for everything from texting to investing. What goes along with that reliance is anxiety when the battery is low.

That’s why this little gadget is so important. The unit itself charges with sunshine. You can plug it in too, which is great for short dark wintry days, but if the power is out for an extended period of time, you are able to recharge the charger that will then keep your phone battery up and running. All you need is sun to keep both working, even for an extended time.

The newer model is even more compact. The bright light on it comes in handy too. One charge will run the light for for up to 150 hours.

One final comment of the manufacturer. When you buy one, one is given to someone in need. Whether hurricanes, floods, whatever, it’s a wonderful gift you participate in with your purchase.

I’m so pleased with this little unit, and prepared besides.

WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger, Black



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