Solving the Mysteries of Choosing a Kindle

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Solving the Mysteries of Choosing a Kindle

If you’re new to the world of ebooks and ereaders but tempted by the idea of buying a Kindle reader, you might find yourself asking, “Which Kindle should I buy?” or even “Should I buy a Kindle?” or “What’s the difference between a Kindle reader and a Fire tablet anyway? Help!”

It’s no wonder you might be confused. When Amazon’s Kindle wireless reading device was first introduced in 2007, there was a grand total of one model to choose from and no real competitors. Easy! But that was a long time ago and things have changed. Now when you explore the options you’ll find three models of Kindle readers with a pretty wide price range. And looking at each model, there are still decisions and selections to be made. But wait, did you see the selection of Fire tablets? You thought you wanted a reader, but would a tablet be a better choice? And which one? Now you’re really confused!

Susan, Daisy and Kindle

Relax! The decision process when it comes to choosing a Kindle (or a Fire tablet) really isn’t that difficult when you have a few facts. Here are some things to remember as you’re narrowing down your choices.

First, decide between a dedicated reader and a tablet. You can read the same books on both, but if you do a lot of reading then a dedicated e-reader probably would be the better choice. If you want to be able to do some web surfing or game playing, if you love apps or want to check your email between chapters, then you’d probably prefer a tablet. For now, let’s say you’re a voracious reader who carries a book with you everywhere you go and dedicates an entire suitcase for reading material when you go on vacation. In that case, my advice would be to choose a Kindle reader.

Okay, so we’ve narrowed it down to a reader. Which of the three Kindle models is best for you? Should you choose the simple, no-frills Kindle? Or the Paperwhite with the built-in light? Or how about the new Kindle Voyage with its built-in light that adjusts automatically for the surrounding environment and has an extra high-resolution display and page turning so easy you don’t have to lift a finger? In this case I’d say go with what your budget allows. In any case, you’ll get an excellent device with unmatchable costumer support available if you need it.

Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow your selection, but there are still decisions to be made (with or without special offers? wi-fi only or wi-fi plus 3G?). That’s why I’m going to refer you to the helpful Kindle buyer’s guide that I wrote in order to answer those questions plus others. The guide also includes reviews of the various models. And how do I know what I’m talking about? I’ve owned Kindle readers and tablets for years and currently have four within arm’s reach as I type these words. Some think I’m a little bit Kindle crazy and I’m in no position to dispute that conclusion! I do enjoy talking about these amazing devices and I’m always happy to answer Kindle questions. So for more information, please visit the guide that I mentioned above which you’ll find at this link. Then relax. You’ve made an excellent choice!

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  2. This is an incredibly useful guide Susan, thank you!

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